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    Baby ATH

    This is Madison , 4 weeks old, our first child.
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    ATH: Mulmun Looter Elite - 331968 PED!

    Awesome mate!! Gratz to you :yay: but....a 9 month player uses a DOA Strikehammer to loot the biggest ATH ever?? MA- "Your eco is very important in the long run" "Be sure to use items appropriate for your level" :lolup:
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    Question: Is it just me but does the LongTooths seem to be hit harder and more often?

    Yeah, I noticed it. Thought it was the peashooter I was using, but no, they definitely hit more often. Lol, give up dude. :laugh: You are not uber, so I think it's in your head :scratch2:
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    Please Disable Trapping in Cyclops Depths...

    Gotta love some of the self-serving justifications in this thread.:laugh: "Sure I trapped, but only a little bit! It's MA's fault, I only trapped because they make it possible. Besides, my loot was bad, so it's ok." Better hope your accounts aren't flagged now...try those arguments when the...
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    Selling: X lacerating unlimited 21300 peds (SB)

    Looks like a fun thread, obviously not serious about the price, so will attract alot of comments....but every comment is deleted? Where is the fun in that? :scratch2: Bump
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    Question: Non shared loot Purifier??

    Exactly. Totally agree. Oooh ooh look at me, I'm a wannabe Uber, give the mob to me, me and my buddies can take it down without you Lvl 70 noobs and your L guns getting in the way.
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    Headshot Pro Gamer --- Does anyone know what happened to him?

    I hear Pro is actually Mudkicker's cousin, who broke his own kneecaps after tripping over Rilort's wallet.
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    Evil amp misstake :((

    When the bank accidentally credits your account with $1,000,000 and you spend any of it, you get charged with stealing and various fraud offences. There are many instances of this occurring. How is this case any different?
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    Selling: Imk2

    or IMK2 :) Sorry couldn't resist. Bump for super eco
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    I' m gonna cry... I was distracted and sold 10 CL Deeds for 500 ped

    Item lock is a feature the community has been asking, in fact PLEADING for continuously, for years. MA don't ever respond. There is obviously a sign on the wall at MA "We will never introduce item lock" Ask yourself why.
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    Uber: Utopia Merry Uber Mayhem Insane run

    Gratz guys, awesome run Look at me, I'm going to ignore what the moderator said, 'coz noone can tell me what to do. :rolleyes: If you choose to act like a child, expect to be treated like one.
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    Interview with Jenna Star Mercury (

    Go to Selling subforum, click on "Last page" There you will see Imp 2870 sold for 6k, Adj V1 for 4k etc. These sales were in 2005. Think about prices for EU items at the height of the market in 2007-8, then think about how long Star has been ingame. I remember Stryker selling a Modfap to Warz...
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    LaLiLa Lala Tess is now gone, but never forgotten

    Just unbelievable, a big shock. Lala was the Soc's uber Miner when I started, always spamming it up. She was feisty and spirited, always up for a laugh, inventing nicknames for new Soc members, bagging us out if we got too precious about skills or gear. A heart of gold, a great friend. Some...
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    Congratulations to M

    Next time James should stand in the Ring, and one person at a time shall enter and deal with him. Star and Foudil will be standing either side of him to encourage order :laugh: