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    Stop the Auction !!!.Bug in Auction Orders.

    Yep. I just set an order for metal residue at 107% and bought pretty much the whole auction. The highlight is definitely 6.48 tt purchase at 1009 ped for 15570% Support sent, I'm logging off now until the VU is stable. This is too dangerous :)
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    Discovery: Achilles Level II Finder Amplifier (L)

    First discovery ) Made one amp out of 2 attempts. If a serious miner wants to test it for the community, feel free to volunteer in this thread. I'll trade it for TT value, obviously. I don't have time to do it myself unfortunately. Based on description it seems to add run speed, same as...
  3. entropia achilles print 2

    entropia achilles print 2

  4. L2Achilles


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    Let's talk some crafting ) Compared to hunting/mining it has way fewer variables and thus is easier to track. If the system is based on randomly triggered multipliers (being in the right place on the right time) and doesn't compensate tt, then clicking prints with varied click cost should be a...
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    Buying: GeoTrek Super Alloy EnBolts blueprint

    PM sent. Got one at 72.4 qr.
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    Committed. Support case is a mile long by now ) Not sure what happened there as all replies remained vague up till the very end. Hopefully it was indeed a manual mistake.
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    Just got another one of "We are waiting for feedback from Accounting and Finance Department" support replies. That's quite a long wait. One might think that department is in another solar system or something.
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    I'm still waiting. 4 months, 1 week. This is getting crazy. I really feel like opening separate threads on both forums and going on a public rage campaign, but I think I'll give it 2 more days till September. Vacations and "high workload" nonsense don't explain anything at this point. I've...
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    One transaction, April 25. I did register another one in late July, kinda as a semi-panic move ) It's not the issue yet though. But I have to admit, keeping only the bare minimum inside EU to run a couple of prints does seem sensible at the moment. If it's 30 business days - fine. 40 - fine as...
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    I've been writing to support every other week since early June. Replies varied ) High workload, your withdrawal has been approved, high workload, we'll get on top of the queue next week, vacations, high workload, hopefully this issue will be resolved soon, absence, vacations, we are waiting for...
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    I'm withdrawing 60K ped. Not exactly millions but still. My guess is they try to cover smaller amounts first, since quite a few people that registered in May and even June already got their money and I didn't. Money shortage due to blown SEE sale - that's the only reasonable explanation. I...
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    Well, some withdrawals are clearly being handled, yet I got this today from support: As you probably have seen in the support news, there is a delay in the withdrawals due to vacations and absence. However, the Accounting and Finance Department hopes that the service will be resumed at the end...
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    Well, obviously I did. Here are the highlights of support replies: 29.06 - I was told that due to unusually high workload there is a delay in my withdrawal and that "hopefully" they'll be back on top of the queue during next week. 15.07 - The support person replied that my withdrawal has been...
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    FYI: Lengthy Withdrawal Process

    100 calendar days. Still pending. That's over 70 business days, right? )