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  • you noob.
    "NO ! "
    "BUT I WANNA!"
    *stomps foot*
    EU logging out timerthing times out, and I can't respond to your foot stompage.
    lol that guy's a moron - he left a message on my page, too.
    what does the pot boiling have to do with the kettle being black? :laugh:
    lol - he can't even get the metaphor right.

    you can't even leave the assface a message back on his page, either because he doesn't have messages enabled. LoLoL - it's probably because it would be plum full of people telling his dumbass to stfu.

    I'm going to go be pissy about my damn install not working .. ttyl !
    pot boiling kettle black, whatever, you judge me on a sentance and contradict yourself in my neg rep... PoC all over, good luck.
    I dunno, man. wtf :(
    I understand having issues with people - but you can't judge an entire society by an interaction one time with a person or two.
    Not even worth the time :D
    I'm gonna go play some FB games .. cuz they're cheap !:laugh:
    Have a good weekend !:tiphat:
    hey man - I wanted to wish you and yours a great Holiday :)

    >>> Look what I can do ! <<<
    LoL ! :yay:
    I tried leaving you a message on MSN - but not sure it went through, so I'm harassing your myspaceface EF page. :laugh:

    It's not huge .. but it's mine and those are not often enough - so I loves it !!! :dance:

    Wanna know something crazy ?
    There's a blue dot on the radar, a dead argo - I can't loot it cuz it fell into the hill. :duh: I'm glad that one and not this one ! :laugh:

    LoL - and omg if that soc chat isn't just priceless. :laugh:

    Have a fabulous Friday and I'll see ya soon ! :wave:

    ps - I apparently leave WAY TOO MANY comments on your myfacespace ef page .. :ahh: sorry !
    my wrist is all fuckered up - i think gary has to maybe take me to the hospital today :/
    i hater hospitalas - i hate my typing too - it's gettig hard to hnot have typos.
    i'm leaving them here, thouggh becausez i know you don't jusdge me !

    hope you ahvea a great day at school! :wave:
    LoL - I just saw your skills on that thread.
    In a year, you went from no skills and passed me up ... you need a RL hobby .. fo sho ! :eyecrazy:
    Beers were icky .. I'm going to bed.
    wait .. what are you talking about ?
    lol - the av .. the prof pic .. or the background ?
    I'm confused .. THANKS !
    lol - what is ?
    Oh - yea - she's purdier than YM - so her pics go up here, lately - since they both kinda suck. :rofl: :laugh:
    Nothing much up with me, how about you, dude ?
    After this the Molisk should be well and truely dead to us! If they aren't, we're just gonna have to give them the silent treatment... all pissed off girlfriend style.
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