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  • school time ?
    Taxes got here today .. stupid taxes are $500 less then they were s'posed to be ! EEEWWW!
    Oh well ... I'll ttyl !! :hug: :better:
    Heeeyy .. are you even still here ? :)
    Or no ?
    You're getting some awful, awful weather there right now - I think.
    It's done and uploaded, but not in Hi Def.
    Saving that for the final upload - this is to share with a few people and try to get a title figured out. :D
    Let me know if you're even here - I think you're supposed to be in class but maybe staying home on a snow day. :D
    I am asking you to please consider contributing to WOF this year. No matter your skill, you CAN contribute!
    sign up thread
    rules thread
    Help America earn Her title Back from England!

    Thanks and Happy New Years! EBO
    Hey dude..tryed to send u mail but think it didnt come thru... hope to see u online soon,i work this weekend but maybe sunday? Happy hoffing =)
    You weren't there !!
    I came to take you mining - but you stood me up YO !!!
    LOL - I think I was later than you were planning on being on - it's 10:30 your time - waited for a while, but then left.
    We'll do it tomorrow ? :D
    Sleep well !! :hug:
    LOL ! 4k posts ftw !!
    I'm like .. 50 rep points from a STAR !
    Alright - dinner time - then I'll be in EU !
    What do you MEAN am I going to make it !?!
    Make WHAT, exactly !! :D

    We FINALLY got all moved into the new house and new town - just took a week or 2 to get internet hooked up in this hick-ass country town.
    I hope all is well with you ! I'll probably have to log onto yahoo to say hi to you - since you don't EU anymore .. OH RIGHT !! Non - depositer ftw !! I forgot ;)
    cu soon hon !! :hug:
    hi Nex :) saw your your msg on my prof. im doing great thx, really buissy RL lately. how about your self? still a defender? or u joined the dark side yet?

    regards silas
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