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    Famous Entropians

    Yes I did get a Hand bag and it was Black ;) I also like to think that I showed the masses how the ubers hunted to make profits not as good as Dan though he was one of the best but did show how to hunt Nemcu and Ambuls (big ) at the time with no armor.. wow that Dan from DR was amazing I...
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    Why Looting Other Players is Not Theft

    Another way to look at it too! Another way to look at it too! First its theft and its violence can't deny it and can't fight it but its not a Crime! What is a crime? It's only what the controlling goverment of that area deems it to be! Not based on Morality or right or wrong.[/COLOR]...
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    FYI: Happy anniversary to all Tamers

    Actually you don’t really need to have fire at all when it comes to propulsion. Sir Isaac Newton's third law of physics: for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is called thrust. This law is demonstrated in simple terms by releasing an inflated balloon and watching the...
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    Retiring from the TP run and Map Making business...

    You have contributed so much , EU is a better place because of your work and you
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    Who here plays The Secret World

    Long time since I posted here but I saw this article and had to write something about it. I never played this game but the trailer besides the choice of music seemed interesting. The problem is its a EA game; EA from personal experience has closed down 2 games for me Earth and beyond and star...
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    - Content of Oblivion -

    you always had a good memory and a great style of posting it :)
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    Should MA switch back?

    no the best times where 2004 threw maybe 2005 , I remember these times very well ! Back then I would say skills where the answer to good loots, I would go hunting maybe 4 days a week and the rest of the time skill up at twins allowing others to shoot me or I shoot other for skills... I really...
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    Selling: Full Eon Male UL (7 Pieces)

    Bump for a good friend ;) :bump: :bump: PS: Always good to see Belza around :D
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    Who Thinks Loot Mechanics Is Fair???

    I dont write much these days, but had to comment on this.... I voted for no twick for depositors and yes I was a depositor at one time, but it make it very unfair for new players and even vets who got to a stage where they dont have to deposit anymore (which I was at in my last 3 years of...
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    wt please insert disk #2?

    I think I do :) My commadore 64 used to have a tape drive, looked kind of like a audio caste tape is I remember correctly :)
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    My newest Familymember :)

    A Big congrats on your new family member, she a quttie too :)
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    One official site with all official infos

    Try this link it might be your best bet for a all in one spot.
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    Well I always disagreed with ND being the first ped millionaire in EU ; I always felt it was Deatifer that should have had this title after winning Treasure Island. Also back then MA was rumored to want to show a first 1 million peds (100,000 usd) player latter after time that went up to 1...
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    Why virtual designs will make millions: DesignEX keynote - Architecture and Design

    While still a smaller market for a lower skilled Architect; Selling to not one but many buyers the same model might open up yet another market. For example Architect one makes one design (something like patten or copy write) and is able to sell many of these houses or structures that he / she...
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    Do not allow shooting @ Unreachable mob plz

    I agree with many here, and ma should make the system that if the mob can not be damaged; then no ammo should be taken either.