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    Bye bye EF

    Hello oblivion
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    Question: Where will the sweat price be on 1st of November?

    It's probably going to be .3 still. But....... and all you sweaters pay attention here...... If there was a coordinated effort to not ever, ever sell sweat less than .5, the problem would tend to correct itself. Honestly, I can kind of see sweating dieing out if it stays at this price level...
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    Biggest stone, fruit, dung finds you gotten?

    There is quite a big dung heap piling up on 711 today
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    Missing from VU10!

    lately the feature i've been missing most is loot
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    You really have to Reach

    lol, same as last night?
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    NPC employees (Just an idea.)

    Hmmm, I like crafting humans irl
  7. Bugmx9


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    Firefox Help

    use opera more text here to embiggen the message
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    Parking Cars in the Sky

    Omg. How did you get real life fouls?
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    Next Island?

    just a technicality - that's the app on a ipad, not iphone. Can't wait, looks kinda cool googled a little and found a source for that link in somebody's twittering at a few pages down - and possibly this twitterer is this dude...
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    Question: Peds in storeage

    I keep excess Peds in storage all the time (tho not much excess lately)
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    Question: MA does not know where the taxes go?!?

    lol. they seem confused. Planet Calypso isn't even an actual entity, its the planet. Planet Calypso is owned by First Planet Company. Taxes are going to MindArk? - so the company that operates the platform is an owner of virtual property on another company's planet? going to correct it...
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    Question: Why Do Vehicles Always Spawn Facing Northward?

    Same reason vivo's spray their blue healie lines to the east
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    "This resource is depleted" or user?

    Come on guys don't give him such a hard time. I'm guessing English is not his first language. I think the question was about when extracting a resource and you are done you get the depleted message and so what does that mean. Well- to the OP.. You have finished pulling the resources that...
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    Reveal a scam and offer proof

    lol. frightening when you google that ernislovas forumname