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  • exactly, it is too much - this is why I am only watching the show on Star's live stream for the last 2 years :laugh:

    until I do not see BIG changes in the attitude towards customers, so they stick to the service provided, I would be idiot to invest more into this business =)

    P.S. I was waiting for my ath since 2005 but got bored catching it. seriously, I would not mind you taking it instead! :D

    yeah, it has been stretched out so to speak, I've heard that too, but :
    1. that sounds far from thrilling and fun to reach that... whatever number to get the x coins inserted back, does it not?
    2. come on - guys at levels 10/10 making it end to end??? that's a plain pathetic motivator for me to skill up years ahead and to deposit 10-20k ped/month for that =)


    Thanks Hon, and I just don't know. I guess those who aren't having the experience just can't comprehend the gravity of what's happened, nor the enormous negative impact it's had, which is a shame.
    Thanks for the -rep. I probably deserved it, like I said I'm sorry if I sounded cruel on the posts I made in the thread concerning your possessions. I told everyone to drop the issue but it got instigated again dispite me saying so :(. Anyways no hard feelings from me to you Dibbler. I really do hope you find something else to spent your time/life with now :). I've already forgotten about that gun :laugh:. Anyways take care of yourself.
    Hi :)

    yep i know. mark. i'm his Soc leader :D. hence was keeping close eye on the thread. i know the whole cal;y issue bores ppl, but i thought he explained adequately why he needed to post. he was actaually banned from ETA on account of that incident! (and still is banned) and can u imagine how we felt, when we found out- 3 months later- that mark had worked as caly;s hit man? then saw the pics?he explained it to us, but it needed a permanent, public explanation, for anybody else who either hadn't forgotten, or who heard it through the grapevine, like we did.

    actually i thought your post was aimed at mark, to make him feel small, which woulda been cruel. i don't know if he took it that way, but tyvm for explaining and for yo r later post :)

    jay :)
    Good luck with the healing spongey, don't worry there are plenty of folk to heal out there :D, and no worries Naomi :D
    Hiya. A little late in saying it but thanks for the +rep. I'm glad you find my sig amusing :)

    Thanks mate & thankyou for your advice. Hope that we can work together with them & I promise not to pinch any of you customers.
    Thanks Hon ;) ... stay tuned, because there's about to be an explosion ... of the good kind. :)
    hehe mate dont sweat it,I read the thing a dozen times and still forgot where i saw it :D
    Thanks for the +rep. I might have to careful about the boycotting :X
    what the hell lol. I look at rep recieved and i se "moooooooooooocow" lol

    Everyone seems to +rep me that way for some reason :/
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