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  • Thnx, just a thought how to make it attractive and involve more ppl on a more fair level.
    Cheers /Arwen
    call it what you want..i speak the truth, not my problem if you cant handle i said before, i care what you think of me how???
    Whether you care or not is not the issue. I think someone of your age should show some maturity in your replies and not simply resort to playground insults.
    Define civilised. I am sure their are people in the middle east who believe you are as uncivilised can be (ever heard of the christian / muslim war known as the crusades?). And many tribes in the Amazon would consider people from the UK to be uncivilised. Civilisation is releative. Your problem is trying to impose your own views and opinions on others without due consideration to their own currently held beliefs, opinions, cultural norms.
    Educate yourself further before you make any more 'generalisations' about what is and isn't civilised.
    Perhaps my sense of humour is flawed then - I dont find racist comments funny. Nor do any other civilised people

    My set is complete. All 7 pieces and would be sold at full TT.

    I would probably be asking +7k too, as this seems to be the price that Boar has settled at. If I manage to get a set of (L) Solir / Lich I will give you a shout, as I don't really hunt enough to warrant keeping all these peds tied in armour.

    Hi. prefer do this via pm for privacy reasons:) is your set complete? & pieces?
    I have had 1 full set offered to me so far at tt+7K.
    What ru asking for yours?
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