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  • Uber grats on your uber discovery.
    That is one nice weapon you have found mate :)

    Well deserved !
    Hey m8, cheers, ill pm DJ, i will be back for support 2009, i really dont think ill be back till then....
    Hey Oracle,

    I saw that both you and me are in the top of the activitylist but none of us is posting a lot in the forum.. hmm maybe coz of massive posting in the subforum? ;)
    Yes, I was still laughing after logging off ;) p.s Did you bring the roof down? :rofl:
    (ugh, I just had rude thought about the pro's of 2 heads, i AM sick)

    LOL I must know...what are the pro's of having 2 heads in the sick world of Debbie?[IMG]
    Well, whats to hide man? Have more faith in us, Id still luv ya if you had 2 heads, promise ;) (ugh, I just had rude thought about the pro's of 2 heads, i AM sick) :rofl:
    LOL Kev That was quite rude of me, sorry [IMG]

    No problem Debbie, you made me laugh and I'd rather hear it as it is, painful though your comment was ;) you think your brutal honesty has made it more or less likely that I'll post a irl photo? :laugh:
    LOL Debbie, my MG's an acquired taste just like me ;) Unfortunately the holiday house isn't mine (I rent it out for a friend for commission...interested?) :) but I agree about your 'lacks a good woman' comment...interested? ;)
    Kev, I'm sorry, but your beloved car looks like a piece of shit LOL :rofl:
    Also (im not done lol) Those holiday pics lack a good woman ;) and a pic of you :clap:
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