Orion is a very communicative, socially interested player, who set foot on Calypso the very first time on February 9th, 2002.
Proud member of the "Shaolin" society.
Joined Shaolin on April 1st, 2004.
After a near total fade out in May 2004 Orion rebuilt the society and made it be a TopTen society for over 4 years. First acting from the background. Later as vice leader, till the Society convinced him in a week long debate to take over leadership.
Resigned from Shaolin Leadership in 2008.
Returned to Shaolin leadership in 2013 to rebuild Shaolin. Again.
Resigned from Shaolin Leadership in 2019. Again.
Preparing to return in the third act. Again.

Orion always takes personality, reliability and activity of members more important than other aspects.
Avatar Name
Eleria 'Orion' Starwind
Real-world Gender
Entropia Gender
Entropia Address
Shop: Genesis Star Tower B, Block B, Shop #4
Estate: Genesis Star Tower 13B


The +1 PED Shop: /wp [Calypso, 34282, 48134, 111, Orion's +1 PED Shop]

Proud Citizen of Calypso since February 9th, 2002