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    Why MA can set up any price for an hour of gaming and you will pay them?

    Hi i have not been in game for well over 6 months now:cry::cry::cry:, I do miss it a lot. I need to re download the game :) I remember when I started in 2010, my Soc leader told me "don't depo, what you can't loose. the key is playing smart, not fast." If you want to spend $100/hour, good...
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    Blade of Akire - YouTube Channel

    i am subbed to your channel, I like the vid's that you post
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    Guess or calc - event

    gonna say 842.4, best of luck mate regards, PW:wtg:
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    Info: Lizzy's Hunting Log

    good too see some green runs! I love the graph that you put up! keep at it!! Best of luck!
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    Info: Lizzy's Hunting Log

    Hi there Best of luck with your log, I do hope that the green trend keeps going on and on. going to sub this thread. Fellow South African :) :yay: regards, PW
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    Tenunded's mining log

    Hi there Best of luck to you and I ill be subbing this, had a good giggle when I read it.
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    Selling: Prospecting Skill Implant (L)

    bump it up
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    Selling: Prospecting Skill Implant (L)

    Hey there Selling a Prospecting Skill Implant (L) TT - 11.37 Ped, it is already in a chip for your convenience. BO - 179 Ped which should put is around the current market value. Kind regards, PW Contact here or via PM so we can set up a trade.
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    is it worth it?

    that does not sound bad at all! haha well hunting is fun. I am around L47 DMG & Hit for BLP pistoleer and Sniper. still got a set of adj pixie i think. might do a smaller depo to test the waters this week. :ahh:
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    is it worth it?

    $1000 and having fun, while making the peds last
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    is it worth it?

    hey everyone reading is it worth while to make a come back? I have been in and out of EU for quite some time now, going on a year now (more out then in atm).RL and such takes priority after all. I have seen a lot of changes etc in the game and markets, what is your opinion? Should I make a...
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    WOF 2014: Team Africa

    team Africa Ava name: Yettie Painwrecker vonNjaapenstein Country of Origin: south Africa Main or support team: Either Agility points:71 (I think) Thanks Slip for the mention as Captain, but I will not be able to do so! RL has me super busy atm. I will do my best to support the African team in...
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    Nation of choice: Any country :laugh: Avatar: Yettie Painwrecker vonNjaapenstein Captain: :scratch2:
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    Please add a Total Skill count!

    +1 It would make thing much simpler for all entropians PW
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    I'm tired

    i always face south :laugh: haha seriously though, it sucks I hope it turns around for you soon regards, PW