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  • Very nice pics Paloma! You've got some serious talent and quite an eye for pictures! Nice work! You should think about framing and selling some of these in game....

    Blackjack :cowboy:
    Hi again!!!
    Long time no see...
    c'est bien ici, il fait un peu froid c'est tout, mais maintenant je suis tres vieille, 50 ans :D
    Hi Paloma!!!
    It´s been a long time since I last saw you. Haven´t been online much myself lately, but that might change. I hope everything is fine at that I will see you soon!
    You've got some pretty talented photography skills there! Awesome Album pics! I'd have thought those would be good enough for MA to put on their homepage even!
    No, I'm not so 'creative' and lack the imagination unfortunately.
    These ones are from a guy called Banksy.

    I have some more somewhere by other people which I need to upload when I get some spare time.
    Nice to have some news from you and to hear all goes fine :)
    I don't remember from Jane ..... So long time.
    It will be a pleasure to meet you online... SooN.
    Heyyyyy Paloma ! Comment vas-tu ? Reviens vite nous voir !
    C'est vrai qu'avec Dino et Jane on a fait une chasse aux gloglo-cochons l'autre jour et il nous a porté chance.

    Always so happy to hear from you !!!

    Hi, Paloma.
    Of course I am still online!
    Kisses accepted :D

    All goes fine. Currently working to improve my Powerfist skill. (You know: "those ubers.... they skill all possible and impossible things").
    Sometimes going for a hunt with Jane and Salome. We did a nice hogglo hunt some days ago - several globals, one hof. I was a Medic - running from Jane to Salome and back with my Vivo UR125 to undo the damage the hogglo has done. Was fun!

    Keep in touch, Paloma!
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