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    Help: Humor thread. " YOU KNOW LOOT IS BAD WHEN YOU......"

    when you think: IT´S GOT TO BE COMMING WITHIN THE NEXT FIVE MOB!!! :banghead: deposit...
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    MU vs efficiency (efficiency overrated?)

    As i see it, loot is a VUCA-problem, its Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguent. Players tend to see SFTL-problems, because they are looking for SFTL-solutions that are Static, Formal, Trivial and Logic. Those 2 things do not go well together. Since the beginning we are struggeling to figure...
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    A very tired warpship owner

    First of all, i learned, that there are people in the game, who are notorious pirates, they wont stop, they never will. Second i do not believe Kronan and/or NBK has anything to do with it. although the biggest fault of NBK-soc is that incomensurable ammount of players giving "black sheeps" a...
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    Anyone remember the music of the old days?

    This thread makes my day! So many memories! Orion, check that soundcloud page op mentioned and start with Sounds of Entropia Vol.1 at the very bottom of the page. Maybe that is what youre looking for?
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    Ah the good old days!

    duchev was definately way later, hmm 2008, 2009, i wasnt around 2005 yet
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    Question: How hard is it to obtain Karmoosh Lateef (Rare Pet)?

    I just checked my inventory list and indeed i have the Aleef Lab Key (solo). So from what i understand the Aleef has a similar effect like the "Divine Intervention"-chip? Thats quite interesting Thank you Alainax!
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    Question: How hard is it to obtain Karmoosh Lateef (Rare Pet)?

    I still got that Karmoosh Lateef sitting in my storage. Is it actually tameable by now? What are its specials? Is it worth it?
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    Selling: Full set EON, SGA M Tier 3-4 <SOLD>

    Hey sweety! Long time no see :drool:-BUMP for this amazing armor set at a great price
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    MU vs efficiency (efficiency overrated?)

    dps helps you to hunt at a faster pace than everybody else in the spawn. Since other hunters are pumpin in money into the spawn, still the guy with the highest dps pulls the most tickets out of it. Unless his rival hunters in the spawn get lucky and they sometimes do, the guy with the highest...
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    Ah the good old days!

    ahh, good to know, thank you! yeah makes sense with the boat trip mission, i think i just came out of the water, also i shot a gigaton of leviathan, i was in the water quite often ok, 1 more, my best loot window from the old days! Guess the mob
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    Ah the good old days!

    my favorite gfx-glitches happened during early cry2. At this point the size of her arm was huge like ten times the landscape features. I was distracted quite a lot during this fap-job. She was scratching her behind in the rythm of shooting, i laughed my ass off. this is how my avatar pic...
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    Loot Algorithm ACTUALLY solved (RIP)

    we players ARE the accidental part in the equation.
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    Loot Algorithm ACTUALLY solved (RIP)

    lovecraftian creepy thread, gotta love the narrative style! true random generator was invented in the 1980s, maybe late 70s, Mandelbrot-equations and stuff, am i wrong? i am sceptic about all that roll a D8 and proof its rigged thingy, to say the least. No data, it can be pure bluff. :poke:
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    Is Evade really effective ?

    both sides are making a point here. The +5 rule isnt entirely off the table, i find its part of the art to find the right mob where it applies, but by no means it applies to all mob and is probably very dependant on your own pro standings and activities. Fast weapon speed seems to be a big...