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    ATH: 50603 Proteron Mature

    Wow grats m8 :-) Well deserved
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    Uber: Ummm.. nice comeback

    Grabbed a lvl 5 amp(normally use lvl 7/8) and added it to my TK220 and went to foma... With the thought of well just want to try foma, a few weeks since last time Enter dome 3 and drops a few.. get a few large and some smaller ones.. not even a global.. go a little bit further and when my amp...
  3. tower


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    Achievement: bronze bronze bronze

    My card is 35-50 :) and dont OC during EU gaming
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    Achievement: bronze bronze bronze

    Ok :) I use GTX 780 and its not nearly that hot that's why i was asking
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    Achievement: bronze bronze bronze

    Gratz! Just a offtopic question.. i noticed evga precision top left corner.. what card u using?
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    Selling: Black Hawk Hawk - all skills

    How to use/resell the skills w/o chipping them out?
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    Uber: 6182ped narc stone!

    Grattis till Växjö :)
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    Question: Merry Mayhem Category 3

    I am below lvl 60 and im using X1+dante or X5 when i find one :P Armor is ghost + 5B and i am only doing Kerbs.. i kill spiders way too slow to make decent points I also kill Yulebot each run and it takes a while but doable.. and i am just above 150p/hr... i have given up reaching top 10 but...
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    Discovery: Adjusted Hedoc Mayhem

    Modified one is nice but im pretty sure i would be happy with the improved one :-)
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    Selling: Shopkeeper pad

    Sold Close thread pls
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    Uber: 11750 Caldorite

    Sansiim.. haha yeah, watercooled.. just like my comp :p Zippo.. thx m8.. and changed sig now :D Beamer.. Yeah, for once i did keep my promise ;)
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    Uber: 11750 Caldorite

    Had a nice iron "tower" before.. not even a real tower but now, finally i got it!! yihaa! about damn time TK220 no enhancers and D-class amp
  14. 11750 cald

    11750 cald

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    Selling: Shopkeeper pad

    Selling shopkeeper pad (F) pm me here or in game with offer and it might be yours :) Black Pathway Legion