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    Does your Gold Card still work???

    Mine still works , just put the app on my phone because the contacts or the chip are on their way out and takes a few attempts some times to get the code, i got mine back in 2007
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    Selling: Assassin R150

    :bump: :bump:
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    Selling: Assassin R150

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    Selling: Assassin R150

    Up we go :bump:
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    Selling: Assassin R150

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    PC on Adj Jaguar and Adj Loudmouth

    I have one of the Adj DOA Loudmouth, I have no idea what the value is but i collected all the stuff myself and no idea how many are in game, I know at least 2 as a T2 or T3 sold on auction for 10k but i think that buyer got lucky. Took months to collect all the parts and went through 3.5k to 4k...
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    Selling: Assassin R150

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    Selling: Assassin R150

    This is still for sale :bump::bump:
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    Achievement: DOA Loudmouth, Adjusted

    Finally after months I've managed to collect all the parts for the Adjusted DOA LM This wouldn't of been possible without the help of Lady Nadie Hawke, crafting all the GeoTrek Super Alloy Buttstock for me, we went through about 3500 to 4000 Hansidian Ingots. Not maxed it out yet as I...
  10. DOA Loudmouth, Adjusted

    DOA Loudmouth, Adjusted

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    now that crystal palace shares are a thing... what's next...

    Id rather they delete some of the planets to be honest, we don't need anything to thin out the player base more.
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    Buying: Hansidian Ingot / Hansidian Ore

    Please let me know if you have any for sale.
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    Do You Like Polls About The New Camera System?

    Stop beating around the bush with a Pole just create a poll.....Oh wait you did... But honestly, no need to create anymore polls about the camera system as most of us have moved on with life and the ones that have not will cry about it here :wise: