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    Selling: Rare, Uber, and Epic Items and Collectibles - Notorious Annual Uber's Storage Cleanup Thread

    You make the greatest posts! even if the subject matter is completely un relevant at the time for me its a pleasure reading it anyway.
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    Uber: 3k Shub

    My friend had chapter 4 in storage to for several years, i think that it was bugged or something when monria came so ppl who was there farming early got the chapter afterhand.
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    Mindarks todo list/fix list 2021

    Still no tier skill compensation!? was promised early 2020
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    New year brawl (i won)
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    Uber: 3k Shub

    I got chapter 1 in 44 kills, chapter 3 in 14 kills, chapter 2 in 700 kills. And now 40k without final chapter.
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    Uber: 3k Shub

    Will do
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    Uber: 3k Shub

    40.000 kills no chapter, but this really helps turning that frown upside down.
  8. 3K shub

    3K shub

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    Uber: Fat Toggo

    First global upon landing.
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    Comment by 'pechunter' in media '3.2toggo.jpg'

    The yellow trail is me pissing myself
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    Fat toggo
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    Price Check ArcSpark tier 8

    I`d value it @ tiercost or less based on the (L) version being around 102% mu.
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    Selling: Sold

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    Selling: Sold

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    Question: When we can expect events on Cp

    I`d love to see a cpl new domes better suited for new players, like a lv 8-12 and a lv 15-25