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    Entropia Universe Unreal - Preview of HUD UI

    Wow, nice for future developers on MA to be able to work on a modern product, much easier to recruit new devs. Thats the good part.... Please, dont let the final product look any near this screenshot. Keep the product as it is now but with ue5 technology under the surface.
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    Selling: Excavator: Genesis Star Excavator Improved

    Selling this badboy... Freshly looted from Eomon, 4th ingame according to EL. Very seldom sold but roughly TT+19999 peds. Can be interested in armors (M), modified shadow or angel improved parts, or any other item plus peds. TIR 153/200 PM Offers here on ingame...
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    Discovery: Marber BGH Annihilator

    Wow! Gzzzz!
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    Selling: sold [Camo Arms BGH]

    Wow! Gz on the loot!! Dont sell to a reseller, it will be doubled in price and out for sell in 5 minutes. :D Keep it
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    13000 PED HSL: The Battle of the Ancient Titans - part 2.

    Nice event! Great work. Gz to the winners !
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    FYI: Mayhem Events Update

    The Mini Mayhem might be nice and cool for some players but its nothing that I like. I dont at all like shared mobs activities except for sandking sometimes. The mayhems and migration is what im appreciating and when you are taking away some of those its not good for many many players, I dont...
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    News: Server Downtime for Release

    Ah! Finally.... The new UI and the new gfx engine. Brilliant work guys!
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    News: Mini Mayhem - Crystal Palace

    During this mini event, maybe you should change the settings for the four different domes, would be a good idea to be able to enter them as a single team and after that split the team so everybody who wants gets their own instance. Just like the Marcimex cave etc...
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    ET Will not log in

    Im running windows 11 with the latest patches and its working good at my place. Dont know what dotnet im running tho
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    Highest known Looter Professions in Entropia

    Please remove me from the list. Thx
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    News: Server Downtime for Patch

    Finally the new Gui is arriving, or the new gfx engine... or both? :)
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    Account Hacked 40,000+ Peds Lost

    how can it be "hacked" if you using 2fa security? Which i suppose you did with those high valued items in avatar.