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    Info: FOMA Mining Chart - VU10

    i believe OP of this thread hasn't been online for a while. I've send him a PM few weeks ago without a response nor was the 1st post updated. Either way just wanted to state that some of the tax %'s are incorrect here. For example the hunting taxes in Domes 16/17(Daspletor) are 4.99% and in...
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    How many Devs does it take to change a TEXT string? (ie Rename: CND to FOMA).

    Agree that this should be changed. Started trying to convince MA to change it in November of 2010(upon the acquisition of the Asteroid). Perhaps if more people open support cases regarding this matter - it might move things along a bit faster.
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    Help: Raise Numbers of Cornoanterion

    thank you Ratez to bringing this thread to my attention(check your PM). I have always tried to keep the hunting domes up to date(even through my tough times) and try to accommodate both hunters and miners requests. The fertilizer might have dipped low at times but i was doing my best and logging...
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    Dear FOMA Fortuna owner / MA

    Thank you SHard-Angel for PMing me and directing my attention to this thread. As for the renaming issue - i have opened multiple support cases regarding to this issue with the first one dated on December of 2010. So far i am getting- "in progress queue" replies to this as well as removing...
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    How to get to FOMA now?

    As others have mentioned the only way to get to Foma-Fotuna now is to fly there on any SpaceCraft (including but not limited to Sleipnir (any MK)-needs space thruster attached to get to space(once in space can fly/land on spacestation without-but needs it again if want to land to any...
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    Info: Attention! Take the TelePorter (TP) Foma- Calypso instead of flying and Avoid being looted due to a possible pirate Attack!!!

    Attention Entropians!!! It was brought to my attention that a lot of colonists are still not aware that they can use exclusive interplanetary TP and safely TelePort from Foma-Fortuna back to Calypso(for a fee) by choosing Calypso at the drop down menu at any Foma-Fortuna TelePorter(TP). If you...
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    Info: Foul Iron Mission finally made easier...

    THis even has expired, if you want it restarted again - dont hesitate to PM me and if enough interest is shown - i will restart it again. Thank you all and miners Dome #10 is yours again:)
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    Question: Claimsize "fixed" yet?

    The claims/mining were fixed on Foma as of few weeks ago. It was broken for a few days after the implementation of the new EU mining system - but all is back to normal now, including larger mining claim sizes than anywhere in EU that miners got accustomed to finding on Fortuna.
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    Info: F.O.M.A - Fortuna Mining charts with Ores per Dome (constantly updated)

    Here is the link to a great chart started by Arkonen and constantly updated by all users.
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    Info: Foul Iron Mission finally made easier...

    Can always turn off the sound(makes my skin crawl those sounds Fouls make as well), Dome#8 is very popular mining spot for that reason i will phase out Fouls starting from next week. They will be there for at least another 5 days from today-so if u still haven't finished ur Fouls Iron missions -...
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    Fight for Aid to Japan l Raising funds for the relief effort

    remember - no need to register, no need for screenshots, just hunt/mine (as u normally do), glob/hof(as u surely will:)) and feel good about doing it since its for a good cause!!!
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    Info: Foul Iron Mission finally made easier...

    This event has Ended, thank you for your support! if you want it restarted again - dont hesitate to PM me and if enough interest is shown - i will restart it again. First of all Foma-Fortuna has gotten its own section on the forum. Thank you to all that made this finally possible(you know who...
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    Music on FOMA

    currently the new 3-channel radio station is in development for FF(if all goes right - should be up bu the end of this month or beginning of next. It will have rotating music schedules and also working on forum where players will be able to request music genres, and to suggest other...
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    Fight for Aid to Japan l Raising funds for the relief effort

    support the cause, every bit helps! If you plan on hunting in teams - mention the fundraiser in the name- so more people hear about this and possibly contribute!
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    Info: Foul Iron Mission finally made easier...

    I assume you mean the TP(teleporter) fee(which is currently at 25 peds from calypso and 17.5 from CP). Unfortunately i have no control over this nor do i get any cut of it(i myself have to pay full fee each time i go there(which is as often as 5 times a day)). Consider that hangars are just...