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    Asclarias Autoloot unlock bugged?

    This particular pet is very slow to increase criteria. It also increases with the use of an auto looting ring - slowly. :)
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    Hussk week!

    Fantastic! I'll make my way back to caly now :O
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    Claim your own Swiss mountain!

    Holy necro post batman! I think everything changed over the past 12 years in some way or another. They also introduced flying vehicles so the act of climbing isn't so exclusive :)
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    Achievement: Shaolin turns 17

    If you spend 17 years doing anything, you've got to be an expert at it, right? Shaolin was formed 17 years ago - that's a pretty cool achievement deserving of a 'gratz' or two. We were discussing the other night if there is any older active soc out there - we just might be the grandaddy of...
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    Suggestion: Stop the Gorgon spam!

    Oh come on ... where's your sense of humour? I love all those fake HoFs! ;)
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    Price Check Perseus (M) Unlimited

    Just a quick price check on this wonderful armour please. All parts are tier 2. Also, I believe it is the only full set in game, quite possibly unique.
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    Omegaton to Purchase Vast Quantities of Components

    You're right! I forgot about this one ... quite possible they did too
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    Buying: F-213 Costumized (L)

    I have one ... still about 2000 ped on it and tier 10. :)
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    Suggestion: Update the Mayhem scoreboard for consistency

    I'm all for more transparency and personally like this idea. More transparency = less opportunity to game the system / cheat.
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    Suggestion: Update the Mayhem scoreboard for consistency

    "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Evey again."
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    Selling: Gorgon Shade Spawn

    Good stuff MastaJ ... no one is complaining at your offer. Just a bit staggered in disbelief at the potential cost of a set of perfected. Good luck to you man, I wish you the best :)
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    Marcimex Location(s)?

    Pyromancer Chalte on the bridge is a bit of a pain, but can be defeated easily by walking backwards. Get some help for Rakzum and his minions for sure!
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    Selling: Gorgon Shade Spawn

    Absolutely right - I was only considering getting the set as the option. Naturally if someone is willing to pay those prices for fangs then good luck to them.
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    Selling: Gorgon Shade Spawn

    I think the message here is not to use the market to get the parts but rather to grind yourself. Kinda goes against the whole idea of Entropia, but hey! When did that ever stop anyone :laugh:
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    1 million ped

    I think it deserves a gratz. Well done mate. :)