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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

    Bump! Still looking.
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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

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    Selling: Omegaton Shop, Phantom M, Embra C1 Adjusted

    Omegaton City Delta Block A, Shop #4 Easily accessible location on the first tower/block outside TP (less than 30 seconds of running) IP: 50 indoor + 10 display area Price: PM your offers Phantom M T0 - Set without foot guard Tier rates: Harness 175 / Shin 165 / Face 144 / Gloves 132 / Arm...
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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

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    Buying: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1

    Looking to buy a low tier [CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 1] or equivalent rifle. May also consider a low tier [CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk. 2, TEN Edition] if the price if right. PM me on the forum or in-game.
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    Entropia on Linux

    Would be more useful if you can provide relevant logs. The client loader has been pretty unstable (random freezes) for me recently as well. Fortunately I only need to use it to perform VU updates otherwise I just launch the Entropia.exe directly.
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    Selling: Closed - Ecotron v.42e Prototype Tier 8.10 - Rare Rifle

    Can you redo the fruit test? It has 57.2% base efficiency which is the same as other Ecotrons but significantly higher dpp (2.985 vs 2.882), which shouldn't happen for a pre-loot-2.0 weapon. Based on the 2.882 dpp of Ecotron v.15e, the v.42e should have a 70/36*8.68-15.7=1.178 PEC decay. This...
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    Is it time for Mining 2.0 ?

    The main issue these days is the waves, which leads to all of these people afking for 55 minutes and only dropping for 5 min when there is no lyst/oil/filler. Instead of an area being pure A 10% of the time and pure lyst/oil 90% of the time, just make it an uniform chance of 10% A and 90% B all...
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    PkmX's Shop - Omegaton City Delta Block A #4

    Bump! Restocked bulk Alferix and also some Omegaton Igni pistols below AH price!
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    pSyCHe's Mining Log

    Something is not right with run #56. :laugh: GZ to coming back to 90% TT return; I hope the markup you are getting can help you break even or even turn a small profit.
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    Finder decay is returned in claims

    It makes sense. I also think it is logical that the finder decay should be mostly returned, otherwise someone mining unamped enmatter with higher-end TerraMaster would be at a 8-10% TT disadvantage (4-5 PEC finder decay) over an ore miner using F-10x with big amps.
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    Finder decay is returned in claims

    Did you ever continue the ore test to see if there is statistically significant difference in size of claims?