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    What do you guys think of our balancing manager, Sally?

    this explain my boneless loots.
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    Its time someone does something with auto bots hunting

    aslong as the big al mighty company makes profit, they dont care about ruining the game economy. End of discussion.
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    FYI: corinth keys

    corinth keys loading page has some words taht needs to be adressed :D
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    Suggestion: Global auction without planet transport fee´s

    indeed, i 100% agree on the adapt or die... but at this stage i rather take a bullet to the head then trying to continue! :eyecrazy:
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    Suggestion: Global auction without planet transport fee´s

    if you read what i say.... i dont want to get rid of the ppl who have invested into space, just change it into something other than handling auctionhouse loot via planets.
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    Suggestion: Global auction without planet transport fee´s

    if thats is true, i feel sorry for MA and the planet partners. If you cant change that so players have it easier to handle the loot and sell loot MA & Planet partners will have a hamstrung income. let goods and item flow! Make it easier for the avrage joe in this game. If this cant be done, i...
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    Suggestion: Global auction without planet transport fee´s

    players should not be involved in ANY auctionhouse stuff. the game needs a global auction. If all of you are worried about your space stuff, MA should do something else with space so your ships still remain valued. There are alot of possibility about space, it dont have to be with the...
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    Suggestion: Global auction without planet transport fee´s

    guess calypso planet will always be the main planet in this game then. none want change so why dont MA just buy up all other planets and be done with all, remove all future progress of the game.
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    Suggestion: Global auction without planet transport fee´s

    So when is calypso the "hostage taker" gonna end its monopoly? We need a fluent economy in this game, every player should be able to play where ever whenever he wants and hunt, craft and mine and be able to sell his items just like the other players a.k.a calypso playerbase. There should not be...
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    Suggestion: Remove or nerf rig oil

    make oil rig a none flying zone and create a mob circle around the rig... there you go.. fixed all problems with minimal effort.
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    What happened to Darkaruki i.e Quote|Mindark?

    Crouching darukari Hidden server room :D :D :D
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    Suggestion: New Mindforce chip

    im letting mindark decide what the cost of each chip and what amount of protection you get. im not a math guy im just a thinker :D Just as the divine chip, you cast your chip get a shield that absorb X amounts for X amount of time, the chip needs a cd timer sence it can be pretty op otherwise...
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    Omegaton A204 Hypercharged

    sence all new amps are way better than this amp i say it has really hit the dumpster in worth.
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    Suggestion: New Mindforce chip

    how about a new MF chip that creates a shield for diffrent amounts and diffrent timelimits with a cooldown like the arson chip? would be kewl!:wise:
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    New Mob Content

    The men in black comes to me and take my peds and leaves without even a hug or anything :S