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    cool will try it out :) tnx
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    any decent spawn to farm mission for goki ?
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    Developer Notes #8

    To further improve balance between limited and unlimited items, the consumption rate of enhancers attached to unlimited items will be reduced by 50% how is this balanced ?
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    Uber: 13347 PED KingFisher Stalker!

    damn nice, gz
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    Achievement: Scoria mission Completed.

    great job and nice hp gain :) GZ !
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    Selling: archon Tier 3,7

    selling archon sword tier 3.7 SB 1.2K BO 1.4K Pm here or ingame
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    Ex Cons - New Members

    welcome and be careful, we got some parrots in there.
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    Selling: Lacerating Attack Nanochip V TEN Edition (UL) great TIR

    selling this chip with rly nice TIR 23DPS 2,933 eco according to entropida no idea what its worth so just pm me offers PED only current offer +1KPED - will be sold within few days if no new offers.
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    Buying: Archon's sword

    bump .
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    Buying: Archon's sword

    bump .