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    Selling: Selling skills

    Per the tile, 265k left, barely any manufacturing or mining. Mostly combat. Will sell well under MU! The more you buy, the bigger discount we can agree on!
  2. Kockas Clothes 1

    Kockas Clothes 1

  3. Kockas Clothes 2

    Kockas Clothes 2

  4. Kockas Clothes

    Kockas Clothes

  5. Kockas Clothes

    Kockas Clothes

    Kockas armors, clothes
  6. Kockas Clothes

    Kockas Clothes

    Kockas armors, clothes
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    Selling: Female (Gremlin, Spartacus) , 5B and 2A set, Clothes, All under MU

    We are selling out resuidal from both mine and my girlfriend accounts. All will be sold well under current MU, even more if you just take it all :d 129 Spartacus Arm Guards (F,L) 1 31.17 PED CARRIED 130 Spartacus Foot Guards (F,L) 1 10.52 PED CARRIED 131 Spartacus Gloves (F,L) 1 90.27...
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    Selling: Protector of the empire (f) and some more stuff

    T3 POE set for 25k yummy yummy.. I am M ava, had T2-3 set for 35k and never had a regret (shame I had to sell it) Good luck with selling!
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    Interesting - no comment on hunting ATH

    Yah, so much fucking deserved! Gratz AKBAR and Rocky, I am really happy for both of you!!!
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    Please Help 120k peds Mistake!

    Yes, Yes and Yes.. Not the hardest thing to implement, and really is an ideal solution.
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    Please Help 120k peds Mistake!

    Yep, simple as that!
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    Please Help 120k peds Mistake!

    Just talking to friend, it would make sense to change this so it works like in some other RPGs (WOW as example). You can create an order, but if you want to sell to the order, you need to search for it and fill that particular order up. No automatic sales to orders... Would solve the issue...
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    Please Help 120k peds Mistake!

    I have my fingers crossed for you MJ, I am hoping for the best!
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    Question: When will PvP Lootable be fixed?

    Thread number 245662 about PVP and guess what, MA won't give a fuck as always ;D They are exhibiting their in-ability to make money in a nice way for years already. I am still puzzled why they for example have not added multiple cosmetic options, from wearable stuff to armor customizations...
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    Achievement Ethereal Soul Language

    You cannot revive yourself but other people only. Take your friend to PVP zone, kill him and revive. Done