Pysa Bone L.

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  • Im closing down my account, so all acsess is restricted to friends!
    If contact is needed, send a pm, i will keep this profile active for 2-3 months so all buisiness can be closed!! Have a continued good day! check forum for sales threads!!
    Hope it is a good one!

    jeg våkna med 6 cm snø ca i senga idag....

    stakk et ben ut fra dyna, vått og kaldt var det, satte meg opp, og HEY der satt jeg i ei snåfond med snø som pepra meg igjennom vinduet.. herligt
    Ekstrem multitasking ^^

    atm hunter jeg, lager film og spiller på samme tida xD

    men du. dom du kunne logga inn og hjulpet meg med filmen? trenger en som miner

    bare springe og mine som vanlig :p ingeting og si om du bruker TT stuff ;) ingen som vil merke forkjsellen hehe
    Hi :D
    Still no new pc so cant do more then keep up track at the forums for now :( ;)
    All good here ty and yourself?
    Hello Hello HEllo,

    is there anybody in here?
    Just nod if you can hear me.

    Is there anyone home?

    Im back in game on and off again stop in and say hi or pm me with love and apprciation to let me know yer still kickin.
    I'm still in search of the 20+ lb'er. The place where I currently fish do have them and now that it's fishing season here, I hope to land one soon...

    My typical setup for carp fishing is a 13' Shimano Beast rod, 6lb Maxima Chameleon line, number 10-14 hooks and a variety of floats...
    hellleeeuuuuwww buddy :) , why they didnt make the page for dummies then i can place a cool background too ^^

    cya mate :)
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