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  • Hi

    I have been waiting for a responce from you regarding the dividend payout. its very late and i could do with the peds please
    Your inbox is full. I accept the offer we have discussed. Will PM you again soon

    HI m8,

    I can't send PM to you, bcoz your inbox is already full lol I have something want to talk with you...
    Hey Quetesh, I can't respond to your PM because your inbox is full :)

    Please make some room so I can get back to you about a meeting time.
    Hi i have Longu claws and a bunch of other DNA stuff if u r interested, i am online almost every night 10 to 1am eastern. thanks :) Knights of Calypso members if u want to find me in game
    Hi Qetesh, ive been hunting on OLA #19 (Longu Land) and looted a Longu claw. Hit me up and I'll meet you and trade. I also found Garcen there but it wasnt in your la message. Thanks and nice la's :)
    Hi... are you the Quetesh Quetesh Quetesh owner of outback 34 ? A very nice place. But we are stuck because too much mobs around. We can live there the year long... but if you could do something. Tyvm
    hi dude...i recently read ur message at neas about being rewarded if making contact to a daiki horn seller...well here i am knowing of someone owning a horn and willing to sell it...unfortunately he knows of its worth...so i couldnt buy it myself :D ... if u r still interested in that horn PM me...so long
    Been mining on your LA west of shinook, like to thank you for keeping it mob free. I have hit 4: Very poor Rugaritz claims over the past 3 days. And I was able to get my first Rug Ingot too.
    Hi, just got a little nice 1542 ped HOF on yor armax LA, but with a BIG ESI in it:) full TT 1250 ped:D
    TY for armax;)
    Dident get any armax tail during hunt, just some horns and plates.
    There is an Argonaut Claw Big at the LA just north of palms corner, I didn't catch a price but it was on the shopkeeper there. If you buy it let me know here about the finders fee.
    I've been searching the auctioneer for the items you requested at your LA near Neas daily. I've found an Argonaut Claw Big on the auctioneer today priced @ 7430 PED. I'll continue looking for the others. If you purchase it, hit me up here if you can hook me up with the finder's fee.


    :yay:i found 2 horns im at your place alot so you can fined me there most of the time ok look forword too seeing you soon cya GL
    Hi Qetesh

    Unfortunately I missed the meeting on 7 and 9 of june (handout prizes for The Battle for Power (June) )

    So today I will be on and you may find me at Oshiri where I will craft today. Otherwise please make another suggestion when and where we may meet this weekend.

    Hedores Hedaya Cassapaya
    I did loot a Longu Claw for a few hours ago, you can PM me if you still want it
    Hi mate, I grabbed a Longu Claw during a Soc hunt last night - tell me if you need it!
    Hey man, I was on the Longu LA near rea's and seen that you wanted to know when a Longu claw was looted. So I have one from this mornings hunt. ( Thanx for the Global btw ). Send me a PM if you still need this.
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