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  • Ahhhh the med school... ;) Hope all is going well, have not seen you in a while hence dropped by to see what's going on ;) I guess we woant see you around anymore then ;) All the best xxx
    Just a Quick hello, dropped in to see whats going on and I can see improvements in graphics but from what i have read gameplay is full of bug's and loot is worse.
    So i am glad i left when i did dont need the frustration i get enough of that in college.
    I am well into my second year of Med school and loveing it, I have to say i have more fun studying and working in the hospital then i ever did playing PE.
    Kisses and hug's to all!
    "Have lost all intrest in it and when i do play my heart is not into it."

    Yeah maybe it`s the best to leave then...
    I am asking you to please consider contributing to WOF this year. No matter your skill, you CAN contribute!
    sign up thread
    rules thread
    Help America earn Her title Back from England!

    Thanks and Happy New Years! EBO
    Yes Harold still alive lol just been so busy with work and college no time for anything else.
    But doing just peachy, how you doing Haorld?
    Thanks jak for the utoob link:) was very informative.
    I have some sad news tho i will be leaving PE and not sure this is apropiat place i know it is not allowed on forum but mabey here is ok.
    Anyway have decided to leave and pursue my career and just dont have time for or am i into pe or any type of games anymore just grew out of it.
    Have lost all intrest in it and when i do play my heart is not into it.
    So just like to say fairwell to all of my friends and i will be in and out of pe just for chipping not play.

    sorry Kimmi since i arrived back in california i have had little time for play.
    have spent mabey a total of 1 hour on computor.
    Not sure how long it will be before i will log in again as things here are busy.
    but will try to make time if i can on fouth but cannot promise much, big family get together then so will be hard to get away.
    Yeah, it a pretty neat features that has been inplemented :)
    And I wanted to say hei back ;)
    makeing seperate societys is hard you need alot of people.
    good that you are recombineing.
    Makes people think better about the society they are in.
    It seems to be like, look at me and the society i am in, lot of people think that way.
    Me it is all about fashion and the latest styles.
    anyhow good to chat with you hope to see you in game soon.
    Got to get ready for nightshift tonight at the hospital.
    Well in-game we/I decided to make a cadet soc - but now we are trying to recombine. More teaming and chatting and less focus on skills...

    Good to hear u are busy irl, that's great.

    I know i am not on much but been really busy with school and work, leaves no time for P.E..
    Hope to soon one day log back in but the way things are going not sure when i will be able to. most nights i dont get home till after 1 am in the morning.
    Anyway how you doing, get any hof's lately?
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