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    Uber: First 5 digit hof

    Weeeee:yay: Congratz mate:wtg:
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    Buying: WTB [Enkidd Howler Prototype]

    Still looking for this :sniper: pm me if you have one for sell, thx
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    ATH: Silent ATH: 49485 + Hedoc SK-80

    Huge gratz! :wtg::wtg:
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    Uber: Arne

    Congratz :wtg::wtg::wtg:
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    Uber: Two in one day

    Gratz mate:yay:
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    Uber: 13 732 PED Mind Reaver Mature

    Nice one ^^Congratz^^:yay:
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    Buying: WTB [Enkidd Howler Prototype]

    Still looking for this :sniper:
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    Buying: WTB [Enkidd Howler Prototype]

    Hi, as title says I am interested in buying a Enkidd Howler Prototype, PM me offers. Best regards/ ranja ajnar aja
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    Achievement: Smilgs - stuff done in 2017, and todo for 2018

    Impressing achievements and goals! :ninja::ninja:
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    Achievement: Going Commando!

    Well done:boxer::handgun:
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    Info: Calypso Explorer Map (Continued)

    +Rep foy your great work!
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    Buying: Improved Omegaton A105

    Bought one, Thread can be closed..:wtg:
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    Buying: Improved Omegaton A105

    Hi! As title says i am looking to buy imp A105.. Send your offer via PM here or ingame ranja ajnar aja
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    ATH: ATH 113 164 at underground 06/10/2017

    Nice One! Congratz:wtg::wtg: