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    Achievement: My 15th Birthday!!!

    thats awesome and happy birthday on your avatar. i joined project entropia on december 15th of 2003 myself.
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    Selling: Halloween 2019 Ring

    man another dream item right there lol. good luck with sale bro.
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    Suggestion: Remove vehicles and up atrox spawn at oil rig

    yes!!!!! just seeing this post, i agree make it a where you cant use vehicles. back in the day it was tough to get to the rig, then when you get there you pray someone like star wasnt there to PK ya lol. ive met that mod tegratov more than once lol.
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    Selling: Enough PvP Gear to Outfit A Small Army - Daily Rentals

    the infinity sack!!! haha, man thats a lot of gear bro. GL with renting out!
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    Selling: Merry Mayhem UL male set! T2/3

    never thought id see the day bro, GL with sale. free bump :D.
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    Selling: [Argonaut Claws, Weak, FEN Edition] + [Melee Trauma Amplifier 2, FEN Edition]

    man wish i had the ped for this. good luck with sale m8. free bump just realized it sold. oops my bad.
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    Uber: The #1 Most Skilled Society - A Group Achievement!

    that is way awesome!!! congrats to you all in the society!!!!
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    Selling: Captain Jack's Year End Garage Sale

    damn bro some amazing stuff there!!!! gl with your garage sale! consider a free bump!!
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    MIKS' Hunt Shop MEDUSA 3F Shop#4

    ah my drug dealer (hypers) lol. great shop m8, yes it is always stocked and convenient.
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    HoF: Mayhem luck 7170 ped Zombie

    huge grats dessa! well deserved for sure. :D
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    That Freaking Cold Place - Neconu Slaughter: 500+ HOFs PAY BIG $$$

    sign me up this sounds like fun, my avatar name is harry RAVEN jackson
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    Selling: Arson FEN chip, imp fap, easter ring 2019, bear F

    imp fap :O i can only wish lol. free bum bro.
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    Selling: Modified LR-53 Tier 9 Rental

    oh man this looks like a fun gun for sure haha.
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    Uber: Tempting Fate...

    gz man!!!! thats way awesome :D
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    Face tattoos

    just now seeing these and they are amazing!!!!! your wife has some awesome talent!!!!