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    Question: Can I expect a support response on toxic activity?

    Since he doesn't like company.. the next time it happens just message a bunch of your friends and invite them to come hunt in the area. :D
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    RavenJade's Calypso hunting adventures

    I love swirlies... I got so many while hunting mulmun last night. I also discuss doubling up rewards.
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    RavenJade's Calypso hunting adventures

    haha thanks for the compliment :)
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    RavenJade's Calypso hunting adventures

    discussing the pro's and con's on various ways to make money in game. Not a complete list, but some food for thought
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    PCF Forum Migration Complete

    Thank you! I had to switch to chrome to see it. I usually use firefox and it was not there.
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    PCF Forum Migration Complete

    I'm probably blind, but how do I search the forum now? I don't see any place to put in a search query. Also how do we edit our signatures? Mine is a bit of a mess.
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    Looking for ex-players to interview!

    Sounds interesting. :) Good luck with your video.
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    OMG really? You realize that everyone that has been exploiting this bug since halloween mayhem 18 is laughing right now? They got away with stealing ... They arn't named, they arn't shamed, they certainly arn't banned for 5 months and had some of their most valuable skills stripped away from...
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    Yogs and thoughts

    I understand where you are coming from totally. It was bittersweet to read your post as I've been around since 2007 and have seen the rise and fall of alot of the things that you mentioned. Everytime there is a scandal my heart sinks just a little bit more because I have always had a love and...
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    Isle Of Lost Avatars - Rocktropia - New Owner!

    I think the LA is in great hands for sure with you as it's new owner Forgo. :) Have fun with your new investment and I look forward to re-visiting those kool Kats :)
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    Summer Mayhem Update

    Reading this is super disappointing. More than scores should be erased if there is a pattern of using the exploit in other mayhems and events. Just my two pec. For whatever it's worth.
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    Selling: MANKINI!!!! What is it? check it ;)

    That's lame MA... Come on let the boys have fun on all planets, rocking out with their butts out!
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    Lootius Mayhem: Episode One

    Vampires usually don't like complicated... We bite necks, suck blood, and avoid wooden stakes...simple. That being said... Vampires like adventure.... Please register Kara RavenJade SummerWind p.s Nice voice.. you should do voice overs more often!
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    Release 17.2 Video Interview

    I am happy to hear that you guys want to go back to Calypso's roots... Storyline in the beginning is what hooked me in the first place years ago. Maybe the Umbranoid's will make their long awaited return? Thanks for the video... please keep doing stuff like this. We need more...
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