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  • hey Red
    It was my pleasure to help. Once MF comes back, you can be sure there will be a lot of healers out there helping the sweaters.
    LOL. She does like sparklies,, thats why I keep trying to get her to play the game. Swirlies are as good as sparklies :)
    ok...so maybe you've bought Mrs Red too many diamonds....:laugh:

    nah...you can never have too many sparkly things :D

    lily :grouphug:
    Unfair, you closed the thread before I could give my perfect view of things :)P). What you do in Entropa is all connected. If you loose 500 PED crafting, there's a good chanse you're going to get a 400 PED loot hunting. But if you go on crafting, you might have to wait a long while before you get it back..
    Hi Mikah,, nice to hear from you again.. All is well or well enough :) I try not to complain too much :)
    lol...just realised i havent got u on my friends list!...outrageous!!!

    sending friendship request right now :laugh:

    lily :grouphug:
    Thank you my new friends :) Been having fun and soc chat is always a joy. You are gonna have to put up with me for a while :)
    lol..since ur gonna be joining us...thought i'd just pop by and say 'hi' :wave:

    lily :grouphug:
    :) Nice to see someone else helping out as it is a pain in the ass to get some of them now. New players dont have the patience we did, we had to run :) Maybe next time I can be online,, we can share costs and increase our success rate. Take care and Hof well :)
    Hey Redster, thanks for the +rep, I'll try and do the wormholes again in a week or two
    Heya Red. Thanks again for those wormies. It's quite a treat, and we all enjoy them. Very generous of you.

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