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    Hi, I just tried to withdraw my mkV from Bank Neverdie, but I got the message that the transfer...

    Hi, I just tried to withdraw my mkV from Bank Neverdie, but I got the message that the transfer could not be done. Is there any prob with the bank system atm? Regards Renate
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    Ore Amp Crafting Warning!

    Crafting OA 101 light isn`t as risky as 101.
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    Temporary Disruptions

    No - as long as they don`t make a new Church (Spology) out of it. :D
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    Ore Amp Crafting Warning!

    On my first OA 101 crafting run I lost a few thousands of PED, with skill lvl about 15. So why can there be so many HOFs on OA 101? Answer: because many low-skilled crafters pump a lot of money into this lootpool, hoping for the "big HOF". So: if somebody gets a 5k HOF on OA 101, other players...
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    Wow - a sh** thread. ;) I`m in - and bid 1000 :cool:
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    Selling: Jaguar F Feets

    Thx to RoOts for sticking to a decent price again! Got my feet - satisfied now. :cool: (btw: free bump on this :D )
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    Selling: jaguar / tiger parts

    PM sent :)
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    Selling: Jaguar F Feets

    Maybe I buy some Angel feet - as you did. :D (btw: this guy (Marcus) knows that I own Gremlin)
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    Selling: Jaguar F Feets

    Go on bumbing. ;) 2 main buyers are out - unless you lower the price.
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    Info: PRE Order Haircut #31

    I don`t like to buy a "cat in a bag". E.G.: I find style 27 to be ugly (Cornundacauda style :D). What if I find style 31 ugly too?
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    Buying: Jaguar F parts

    Still searching for Jaguar F feet for +5k (P-L-E-A-S-E no offers for feet with the price of angel F feet!)
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    Selling: Jaguar F Feets

    I consider this bump to be a <no> to my last PM offer, mitnick. Ok, I`m out. I wait till I get feet for a decent price, or I bid for the angel feet.
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    Selling: Jaguar F Feets

    Just to show the relations: in another thread angel feet F are offered for 7,1k. So why should jaguar feet F be so expensive? :scratch2: I consider bidding for the angel feet. :wtg:
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    Selling: Jaguar Gloves F non L

    Your "high offers" are not interesting as you are not trustable. You lost your reputation, man. Better you stop this.
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    Selling: Jaguar F Feets

    For +6k I`m in. Please consider. :)