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    Entropia Merchandise

    Models of all the Vehicles in game... Mob Figurines from all planets.. I will buy them ALL. Especially models of ALL the robots in the game
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    Uber Togolossi Hof

    Lunchtime HOF on Ark, thought another day another dolla.. totally surprised after I missed the 17k Drone Elite caught by Greenwood
  3. 2020-10-12 -- Togolossi Stalker 14789 PED .jpg

    2020-10-12 -- Togolossi Stalker 14789 PED .jpg

    Uber Togolossi Hof
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    Question: Webshop down?

    LOL ... incompetent support, programmers, officials.. the list goes on. plus nepotism is rife ... 5 month ban for blatant cheating.. what a fucking joke this game has become.
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    Problems with & support

    just MA incompetence, they hire idiots. I would have fired the entire QA team by now, but that is just me. Support are useless
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    Selling: MMOWC Ring

    how much do you want for the MMOWC ring in ped?
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    Uber Drone Elite HOF - The Borg

    Thanks!. I started the drones in April 2020, and I had it (Beat Danny's drone ATH) in mind when I came back to game in April last year.. but what really inspired me to get there was finding out he was a cheat. I had highest single drone loot for some time in old game, that is on tracker but the...
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    Uber Drone Elite HOF - The Borg

    Thanks Mega. I needed an attitude adjustment as well to get there.
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    Uber Drone Elite HOF - The Borg

    Not many know that I was top drone hunter for quite some time in old game, but rage quitting and switching to evil OA-101 amp crafting dropped me out of the ladder , with second best all time highest drone hof. I came back to new game last year with a goal to get to lvl 100 in 12 months. I did...
  10. 2020-08-22 -- Drone Elite 22998 PED .jpg

    2020-08-22 -- Drone Elite 22998 PED .jpg

    Highest Drone HoF 22998 PED
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    Selling: mod2350/adj resto/ EST M set

    mod 2350 still available?
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    I don't know what to say.. I been grinding my holy ass off for past 12+ months to get to levels in skill where I can try to compete maybe once seriously in mayhem. Mainly been grinding for my own goals but now I can't even think if I want to continue playing. I know the pills stacking thing was...
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    Under 75% TT return - The Broken Window

    ATTK. I can relate directly to your scenario for ped cycled vs return %'s and instances where I have been cycling ped for hours without that money shot, and some dude will just waltz in take a nice loot or few of them and never seen there again. I have tracked my spend in last 12 months and my...
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    5k Drone Elite

    Today was a good turn of events despite haters still hating and sending a GM to my location after restart, as I mentioned I would have to nerf herd all the Warlocks again. I'm not the only player that herds away mobs that defeat the gear I am applying for a specific mob, which in this case is...
  15. 2020-05-20 -- drone elite 5401 ped

    2020-05-20 -- drone elite 5401 ped