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    Entropia Bear Market 🐻

    Sounds right. I mean, isn't that about what it sold for before people decided weapons should sell for twice what they are worth? Meanwhile, people aren't stuck at home anymore.
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    Player ignores me for asking for 5 ped discount

    Yup, this. Plus, it was already the cheapest listing on the auction. Asking for an even lower price is silly. I would have reacted the same way, even if I didn't say it out loud.
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    ET Will not log in

    I'm experiencing this issue, too. Then after it fails to log in, I get an unhandled exception and it crashes. I'm also on Windows 11 with the latest updates.
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    Items randomly apear in my inventory

    Hmm... @Katie Chalmers
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    Strong Argonaut Claw

    Maybe MA will make them lootable if you don't want to pay. 🤔🥴🤪
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    This is how hunting looks like currently in entropiauniverse for avg player.

    Sometimes you have to sustain consistent losses for 6+ months before getting a kickback. It's nice to have a chance at a big hof, but things are too volatile these days for the average player.
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    Poll: Would you change your avatar's name if given the chance? must have still been called Entropia Tracker 10 years ago. Things are a bit different than they were back then.
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    Poll: Would you change your avatar's name if given the chance?

    I might change mine...though I'm not sure if/how Entropia Life would know. They might have to allow you to manually indicate the change, and that would get messy fast.
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    News: MindArk Signs Deal for Unreal Engine 5 - PRNewswire

    Are you going to be mention specific issues or are you just being whiney for no apparent reason...rhetorical question.
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    Suggestion: Light Liquid Drought

    I've been mining for it a bit on Caly. It's still tough to find.
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    ComPet with Crypto Coins

    Well, that makes one of us.
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    Question: About sweat nowdays

    There are still sweat circles going all day, every day. Meanwhile, there is more need for sweat than there was back in the day - it's used in some bps, for some missions etc...but nowhere near enough demand to meet the endless supply. There's probably billions sitting in storage at the point. So...
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    Resource types limited on size?

    Yeah...mining (for profit) is very time consuming. On the plus side though, it's easier to avoid going broke than it is with hunting.
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    Resource types limited on size?

    Yes, but that was in like 2006 or something. Hasn't been possible to get a claim like that in a long time. Edit: original thread here. Unfortunately the screenshot is no longer working: