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    So as said before I am newish back, this forum used to be part of the game for me :ahh:When did it fade and why? All I see these days are selling, buying and events...With the odd other stuff. Where did the community go? :girl:
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    Ok so boxes

    Thank you :) But is doesn't make sense to me, its worth 1 ped and you can sell it for 2ped but its contents is worth possibly 10 ped ( Or something awesome) You should be able to loot the keys not have another depo to find out? Makes it more of a gambling machine :censored:
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    Ok so boxes

    So forgive me I am new back, But you pay money to heal your guns, armour and other stuff you need and you pay to get some ammo and then you go into an event that is on! You then loot some boxes that you then have to pay! (more then you put in to play) to unlock the frigging boxes! WTF is that...
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    I was hoping for... ' in this hard time, here is 200 peds each free to help you and distract you while we are in lockdown' instead I get 'Wash your hands' and you can loot some boxes that you then have to pay to unlock :confused: Take care all :girl:
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    Good god man put your pants back on!! Gratz Hun :yay::girl::yay:
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    Everything Down ?

    :laugh: Is this still a quote lol (sorry just spit my Beer) :girl:
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    Down for Maintenance

    I have to say I am so sorry :ahh: :girl: But On the + side haven't seen the forum this busy since I got back :laugh:
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    Down for Maintenance

    All because they didn't want to give me my hof!!!! Not fair! :broke::boxer:
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    Everything Down ?

    Nope down for me too :( How can I cull the robot population if I cant get in game :girl:
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    Lootius Bless! Hey folks, who still plays EU?

    Hey :) Just back playing after many years away, there seems to be some good new stuff to play around with such as missions etc But as for loot .....well :laugh: there has to be something to complain about right. :girl:
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    Robot attack.

    I like Robots! When did the graphics change? I have only been back playing a little while and it keeps telling the robot can not be my disciple bit gutted :laugh:
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    Noob pets question.

    :ninja:Nooooooo not the poor puddy tat!
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    Question: Public Survey - How have you been depositing since Paypal was removed?

    Thanks for that, just started playing again and couldn't remember that as an option :girl: Therefore dont miss it :ahh:
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    Noob pets question.

    :cry: Say it aint so :(
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    WoF 2020... Hunt for your country! TRIBUTE TOURNAMENT