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    News: Eomon Pheromone Levels Rising

    i dont understand why people obsessed with boxes. except to sell them. yes its a nice extra but nothing mandatory for migriation, Also there's so many allready and you can still buy em with the key's. Migration was long time before the boxes where there. ( also before the e.l.m. weapons ) and...
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    News: The Mul’s Arise

    west of camp cara seems pretty good spawn maybe a few small atrax
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    Are there MA players in the game?

    this is because alot off games now are basicly shit from the start and they know it
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    FYI: Mayhem Events Update

    i believe this is the first time i've read a clear and understandeble post from MA. good job :love:
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    Question: Cant login

    Ma's information at its best. wth do you have a client loader, should be the first place you put something if there's problems. its fucking 2022 not darkages of DOS and win 3.11
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    Unable to play on new PC due to lag issue(?)

    i would start with updating drivers for cpu and motherboard.
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    Question: What to avoid?

    i allways said to my pupils. this is not another mmo,. THIS IS NOT WOW. Do not bring this additude in this game you will fail. never thrust someone at his word as a new player, ask multiple people , read forums, be patient.
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    Question: Is Mining Resources MU going up a good thing?

    if i buy no. if i sell yes :) eco based game so supply and demant. i dont see a problem in general ( well for me personally i do if i need to buy :) ). as long as there's people willing to pay x amount for something it will sell even if its market manupulation. price gets to high nobody buys...
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    Selling: Earth Shock Trooper (F) Set

    hello, currently looking to Sell my EST armor. ( all parts are tier 1 or higher ) wiki TT value is 186,55 Ped. SB 2000% BO 2200% items of interest: ares augmented adjusted resto chip
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    Suggestion: private trades in entropia exchange

    hi, now that entropia exchange is getting slowly more deeds in them it seems that it could use an upgrade :). i understand MA wants a cut of the pie wenn stuff gets sold or bought. i'd like to see that you can make private trades to other players to semi trade directly to a person through the...
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    Loot Tracker Tool

    if you add in collumn "extra spend" it doesnt correct the % return. so that makes it in accurate.
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    Mayhem tokens rate and some calc

    never underestimate the wisdom of MA :unsure: :wise:
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    Suggestion: "Melee decay converter" ?

    well you still have the extenders. you prolly burn through like a madman but its a start :) but i kinda agree that low max TT blades are kinda a pain but it has its charms. but the higher teh tier more reps you need sadly. maybe they could include if your tier such item they could increase...