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    162K Explosive Projectiles With Video (And Giveaways!)

    Do you like to move it, move it? I like to move it, move it. Gz gz :D
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    Uber: Dream item looted, best loot ever.

    gg d00d gg. 10 outta 10.
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    I miss Peezle?

    I remember Larry.
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    100 Ped to Whoever Fixes This

    Did you try turning it off and back on?
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    No one going to complain about this?

    Oh no, more imaginary and fictitious beings made up of pixels and binary are being coded to be kept by other imaginary and fictitious beings made up of pixels and binary.
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    Selling: Twin Peaks Mall (yes the actual mall!)

    Merry Crimbo. Serious inquiry: can I pay you 0 to 500 peds daily in exchange for the mall deed to be exchanged at a later date when I've given enough? Happy Festivus, you.
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    Hooray for Entropia!

    I also love the extent of being able to customize my avatar. Even such simple things as being a bear with angel wings is good.
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    Hooray for Entropia!

    I really like the consolidation that's happened in the last few years. Instead of separate finders and excavators for Ore and Enmatter (and later Treasures, but no finder/excavator for treasures, came after consolidation), only need use one finder for Ore and Enmatter as well as Treasures and...
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    Question: To click or not to click....

    I'd ask "why's the rum gone?"
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    September's ATH

    I'm getting it September 26th, 4AM EST on Proteron near Fort Troy. 244k. Be there or be square.
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    Lootable Pvp Oil rig

    If a lootable Pvp oil rig, then add a twist or two to the rig(s). Place a few different rigs in lootable PVP, and move around every hour or few hours which rig will be working. Or have a broken pipe pop up randomly in the zone at random places spewing pick-up-able resources.
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    Calling out to the Entropia community

    Repeatedly smash head into a brick wall. This will do two things: eventually the resin will come out, and you'll also berate yourself for being and moron while using resin.
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    Teaser for the movie I am making

    Looks neat. I'm sure Taco will love it, he loves Punk Rock.
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    Petition to remove almost every BP

    All blueprints need to be removed. Or else something like this will eventually happen:
  15. Basic Filters

    Basic Filters

    Definitive proof Basic Filters Blueprint is overpowered. Don't give me none of that Explosives BP is too much, BASIC FILTERS BLUEPRINT MUST BE REMOVED FROM EU.