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    Selling: PA Mall shop

    After a few years of good service I have decided to sell my shop. The main reason is just a lack of time, which has meant that I spend less time in game and dont have enough time to craft stuff for the shop and for auction. I believe that this shop is located at the best spot in the whole...
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    Life expectancy of Entropia Universe

    people come, people sell out, people freak out, people complain in posts, people leave and more people come!!! sorry but for those of us who have been playing this game for 5+years, these posts just come and go!!! we have heard it all before, and EU is not only here, but its now bigger than ever!
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    Forts and the economy

    I was quite surprised yesterday by the new fort land grab system, something unexpected and that could bring a lot of new dynamism to EU. For a start it seems that finally there will be a very clear use for the vehicles, and I assume that this system will mean that a fair amount of them will be...
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    Known Issues in Entropia Universe Release 11.8.1

    ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh this is going to be chaos!!!!
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    Amps really do work on a different system?

    check journal of virtual worlds, article on mining.... there is a bit more to it than what appears at first sight...
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    1 success from a 29 click sleipnir MK2 bp, normal or bug?

    well.... you were lucky to actually get one!! on condition on 29 clicks sometimes you get nothing!
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    Server Downtime For Release

    ah... or beacons, maybe they will introduce this again in a grander way, so as a system similar to that of the mission, so each planet can design their own "beacon" missions, which would become similar to "dungeons" in other games... :confused:
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    Server Downtime For Release

    so I suppose its one of these.... lets see, i reckon when hangers come back in we are going to see a lot of things change, like travelling between planets, maybe flying around in space, etc... i reckong that would probably mean VU 11 rather than 10.6 mentoring.... not much in terms of money...
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    Help: Total number of participants in entropia platform (acounts and active users )

    of course 2009 was a bad year, with all the problems due to the VU.... it would be interesting to know what it was like in 2010, and more likely, in the second half of 2010....
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    Help: Total number of participants in entropia platform (acounts and active users )

    ok, here it was
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    Help: Total number of participants in entropia platform (acounts and active users )

    we did this exercise a couple of years ago, I cannot remember the thread too well (though maybe i was the starter even) but i think we came up to 40,000 active/semi-active players.... though i cannot remember how we got to that... anyway i have seen this number quoted sometimes elsewhere...
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    How much you think Medusa is worth?

    yes, ups, sorry for that one.... missed the k there...
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    How much you think Medusa is worth?

    Well I'm sure the people who are thinking of bidding have their own ideas, but was just wondering what do people think, how much is it worth? i created a poll, but also feel free to elaborate more on your answers...
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    Planets and MA's finances... thoughts?

    So finally we are seeing the planets coming online... now we are into the 3rd one, and while they are still not comparable to calypso, they should slowly attract some player base... this should have a beneficial effect on MA's finances, probably meaning they will be able to hire more people...
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    Your thoughts on the introduction of new Medusa property

    well for sure it will be even more publicity for MA.... maybe they are looking to break the record again for highest virtual item sold, or something like that.... that would mean even more articles than what we have seen recently, and more noobs joining.... that surely cant be bad for the...