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    Price Check Reilly Boots BP 100QR

    Regarding Skilling Tailoring, that ship might have sailed. There are Tailoring opportunities and skills offered on Next Island that makes skilling easier than it once was.
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    Question: Memory Leak?

    Back to using silly amounts of Memory again
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    Skill Scanner

    At the suggestion of jdegre I changed the screen scaling to 100% at it works great! :yay: I had not realised when I installed a new graphics card, that it scaled the screen @125%.
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    Skill Scanner

    I have tried it a various resolutions, full screen and windowed. I think the key is the part saying it cannot access the clipboard. The very first time I tried, it brought back the stats without issue. Since then the clipboard message shows. This has also affected LBML not being able to read the...
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    Skill Scanner

    Unfortunately I still am not able to use that, Data! Nothing found! I guess pressing Alt stops saving to disk
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    Skill Scanner

    Hi, any ideas as to how to fix this? Data! Nothing found! Clipboard error: cannot open system clipboard
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    FYI: Planet Calypso forum Data Breach

    I get change password as it is over 7 days old. Well yes, since this thread was posted I already had change password message, and changed it. Now again after 7 days? Have you been found in a compromising position yet again?
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    Server Downtime for Patch

    Newer moon?
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    Info: MA Reveals loot information

    So does that translate into individual loot assignment?
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    Info: Calypso Land Deed ROI tracker

    Today I got 3.4243 per deed
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    Info: Calypso Land Deed ROI tracker

    2.2362 I received
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    Info: Calypso Land Deed ROI tracker

    I got 2.9319 on the 14th
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    Entropia Universe 15.15.0 Release Notes

    Mux-2 EnergyGlove Economy of 0.2%
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    Info: Calypso Land Deed ROI tracker

    2.6565 or thereabouts.