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    Entropia Turns TEN

    Teh big wun-oh.... gratz ;)
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    FYI: Happy anniversary to all Tamers

    Hey guys, we got a mention Taming Many of our more patient participants will be happy to hear that a completely redesigned taming system will be developed in 2013. The new taming system will include many of the features from the pre-CryEngine system, along with many new and exciting features...
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    Intelligent? Cat fight.

    I'll comment as soon as I can get my head far enough up my own asshole.... ah, there we go. :cool:
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    What happened today

    It's such a downer when people refuse to descend into barbarism, and insist on behaving like civilised beings even when they don't have to. :lolup:
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    Server Downtime for Release

    La Forge: Yeah, well, I told the Captain I'd have this analysis done in an hour. Scotty: How long will it really take? La Forge: An hour! Scotty: Oh, you didn't tell him how long it would *really* take, did ya? La Forge: Well, of course I did. Scotty: Oh, laddie. You've got a lot to learn...
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    Speed Hack!

    I'm with you guys on this. Make it so damn pervasive until, to quote Pacino, "... the stench of it reaches so high and far into heaven it chokes the whole fucking lot of them!"
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    New PCF Moderator

    Woot, another oxymoron for my collection :yay: (We all know how you guys "moderated" football :cool: ) Just sledging mate, it's all good. Oh, and grats Serica, don't be gentle :laugh:
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    Question: Land Grab: A possibility for society leader to control %tage give to his members?

    It should have been like that since day one, in my opinion. I absolutely support this suggestion.
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    AR Universe AB becomes Planet Calypso AB

    Kill-stealing from Bertha. :laugh:
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    Xane's Space Feature Requests

    I'd buy THAT for a dollar! :laugh:
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    Auction of Items from Banned Avatar

    When you carry the wrench, indeed you are, sir ;)
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    Ava's should die when their ship is destroyed

    "A full hand of nothing" ? Cool vid, thanx for the smile :cool:
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    Auction of Items from Banned Avatar

    EULA and ToU are contracts, subject to the law in the event of dispute. They are not the law.
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    Rebalanced Mission Rewards

    No doubt there will be many with input on the minutiae of the various rewards, so I will simply say "Thank You" for a very nice feature - CHOICE. This is a very positive development. Well done!
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    You might want to read this.... Wiki's not on EU's side

    Fair enough. One way or another, I do believe there is a profit motivation behind the delay. Born-again cynic, what can I say?