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  • You won 2 beauty contests and looted an uber helmet but I didn't just like I got an uber or so and you didn't.

    If I look at your sig, you are mainly a crafter and you got quite a fair share of ubers in crafting. I remember I used to be jealous on you for posting almost weekly a small uber in crafting.

    It's all about choices we makes.

    Gl selling out and have fun with your new adventures RL.
    heh, well I saw a jade coat like 2 months ago for +1300, but its not a common coat :)
    anyways, almost got my sets ready, just a few adjustments here-there :) c ya there ;)

    Joyeux Anniversaire Sheryo !!! :dunce:
    Amuse toi bien, et fais pas trop de folies de ton corps :cheer:
    C'est parce que t'es pas le roi de Bubble lol :nana:

    Moi c'est Entropia qui me désespère en ce moment :duh: Besoin d'une pause...
    Ok, let me re-state my online times heh. Normally 2 or 3 UTC log in time. Maybe on and off inbetween then and around 17 UTC. Most of my time is in Twins. Hope to meet ya soon. ;)
    Ok, I can be available from now, until about 12UTC I'd say. Drop me a visitor message when you get on and we'll meet up in Twins. :)
    Happy New Year Sheryo!
    Congratulations on the He Man title! Great to see you taking it home :)
    Thank you very much for the kind words at the event. Was too much of a lag fest to reply at the time :D
    But made my day, so thank you :)
    Ah I have no doubts I will :) Sorry to hear you haven't yet made it to Aus, hopefully the trip is just delayed for you. I may be biased, but truly is a country worth a visit. Best of luck in your travels :)
    Et comment tu sais ou est le haut de la galaxie d'abord? Parce que si ta navette spatiale arrive la tete en bas... le haut devient le bas... et le bas devient le haut... o_O
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