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  • Have a wonderful Holiday Season my special Bunny ... love you MUCH.

    Happy Holidays ... and may your virtual flame burn bright in the New Year with many blessings! :hug:

    Hey my nutbar cottontail ... I see the place is still green ... not a bad thing, but it makes me think of lime jello, and how much fun it could be in the kiddie pool. No, I don't have any kiddies, and don't need them to have a kiddie pool. :silly2:
    Hey Honey Bunny ... just hoppin' in to throw some purple love around the place. Catch you later as always. ;)
    Ooo, Ooo, Ooo :yay: ... use the space ball pic Bunny ... that one is WAY cool, and I think it will give your site greater depth. You might need to change the text color up a bit, but my "suggestion" would be to do that anyway, because the yellow is a little hard to read. ;)
    OMG, That rabbit has a LOONNGG face!! *OMG he's holding that bunny by its scruff* ;) lol :)
    Hi OB Looking good. I like Green.
    It's the color of inteligence. :)
    So, have you hacked the mainframe yet? lol
    Nice fireworks touch ... I actually remember that moment ... and we HAVE had a few of them, eh? ;)
    Just dropping by to say hi Sir Odd! Nice profile you´ve got here mate! Good job! :thumbup:


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