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    WoF Off !!

    And your priceless contribution to the game we all share is this post. Impressive. No really you make 6 or 7 years of global competition coordination over 3 or 4 months at a time, multiple time zones and languages, as well as the inevitable and perpetual criticism from armchair critics ...
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    ATH: 108k ATH

    Awesome thanks buddy ... great news channel.
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    ATH: 108k ATH

    Hey all ... it was amp number 2. I am not a big miner so don't cycle or craft large numbers of amps. Just decided to take 10 amps up to FOMA and give it a run. Second Amp hit this. Hope that helps, but pretty sure it doesn't. :scratch: Slappy
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    ATH: 108k ATH

    see above mate
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    ATH: 108k ATH

    Thanks all, really appreciated. It was a Terra 4 tier 1, with a Terra 10 amp in dome 19.
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    ATH: 108k ATH

    There she blows .... a 108,000 ped Force Nexus ATH. Happy Slappy
  7. 108k ATH

    108k ATH

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    Selling: Selling : Protector Of the Empire (M) Tier 3-5

    Beautiful Armour. You won't be disappointed.
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    Selling: Panther // Sapphire Chirin Dragon // LuckyCharm

    110 Exa I would also like the dragon if you have it available mate?
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    Selling: Panther // Sapphire Chirin Dragon // LuckyCharm

    50 Panther 80 Exa
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    WoF 2014: Team Finland

    Good luck our Finland friends ... may lootius be with you out there. :D
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    WoF 2014: Team France

    Thanks for a great match today Team France. It was so close for so long. Really enjoyed it and I confess I participated with a nice glass of chateauneuf du pape .... or two ;) Slappy
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    Info: WoF: Team Amethera

    Congrats on your result today Team Amethera. Impressive. Good luck getting that Cross.
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    Selling: PotE Set (High Tier)

    Love my set of this armour so highly recommend especially at this tier level. Oh and if you still have it on Sunday at 12:00 maybe give it a run out to support Team GB in the WoF :handgun: Bump.