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    Entropia Universe and Metaverse

    You are right, the FIAT system have problems But, When FIAT 1 fails it is replaced by FIAT 2. If the current Dollar fails, PED will be tied to the new dollar. That has been the way for 1000 of years. One currency dies another is created. Average life of a currency is around 40 years...
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    Buying: Perfected Ares Ring

    bump bump
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    Price Check Mod merc, i2870, aug ep-38, imk2

    Lol! Rockets knowledge strikes again :D
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    Price Check A204 Imp & over

    Some time ago A204 was sold for 15k to an impatient buyer and somehow that set the whole market. After this, several A204 amps have been listed on auction the last months for +14-16k. None sold. During this time several sold in pvp trades for 11-13k so that seems to be the correct price. Add...
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    Price Check Easter Ring 2018

    What do we get with the Easter 2018? Life steal 2% Reload 15% Regen 25% Inc crit 20% Inc health 25 points Skill gain, laser, blp, blades 15% The main eco things you can get in a perfected ares. Perfected ares: 7.5-8k 14% reload 14% increased crit 1.2% focus blow So how much is 2% life steal...
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    Question: Have to disable my VPN to play to Entropia

    Freedome from fsecure also works
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    Buying: Perfected Ares Ring

    Somehow me bumping my own buying thread offended someone....Anyhow, another bump :)
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    Buying: Perfected Ares Ring

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    Buying: Perfected Ares Ring

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    Buying: Perfected Ares Ring

    Hunting bump
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    Buying: Perfected Ares Ring

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    Buying: Perfected Ares Ring

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    Buying: Perfected Ares Ring

    Looking to upgrade my hunting setup with a Perfected ares ring. TT+7500 peds
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    Pricecheck: HC204

    Instead of creating a new PC thread on the H204 I bump this one. I think there is a good discussion going on here, question is if it is still valid today? What is the price in the Hypercharged 204 amp today? Is it still better to use the limited Mayhem amps? I have seen several H204 listed on...
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    Price Check Fen Chips price

    In the end/beginning of 2020 a chip was 30-35k, FEN amp 20k. Say 55k for the combo of a T1-3 chip+amp. In feb 2021 some people starting asking 70k+ for the combo (makes no sense). For 60k+ they can keep them, for 50k it might be interesting...