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    HoF: My first 4 Digits... and was in NI

    Gz, I had some good finds on NI as well, not that big but still.
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    VIrtual estate market !

    So many empty apartments and caly and foma and MA won't put any for sale. I was actually looking to get a cheap one just to cross the milestone of becoming an estate owner, foma ones used to sell for a few hundred PED afaik, but you can't find it at that price anymore for some reason.
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    Star's Fund

    So you sell below auction?
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    List of noob missions rewards for every planet.

    Use for all NI missions, you should be able to find info on starter missions for other planets on their forums, except for RT because its forum is dead.
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    Star's Fund

    Well it's not so simple because this is only one side of the coin. In reality, what resellers do is they tax active players, hunters, miners and crafters by forcing them to pay higher MU than they would normally have to. Let's say for the sake of argument that you can actually deliver the crazy...
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    Longtooth Old Alpha 12587

    Gz man!
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    Help: Crafting question

    And don't forget that non-SIB BPs are maxed at 90% SR, don't know why we have non-SIB BPs but that's a completely different topic.
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    Is it Possible - to get a certain level mob to spawn?

    IIRC there used to be an NPC that can spawn the maturity you need for a payment in arcoins, look it up, should me some info an arka's forum.
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    Uber: Great way to start a day.

    GZ Wilco! Maybe one day I'll get a good one too.