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    New pet!!! (Tezlapod)

    I tamed 2 or 3 Asclarias mobs in AG, the mob is like level 40 and the level of my taming prof. is way below that. Maybe that requirement was nerfed or it applies only to certain mobs.
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    News: Omegaton Export Initiative

    Cool, at least now we know that you did not forget to hold events on CP as promised. Hopefully there's more to come.
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    Internal error has occured (calypso)

    I had a "failed to execute" error while crafting, it went away after I closed the window and restarted the crafting machine. Weird.
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    Which TV Sci-Fi series does Entropia remind you of?

    Firefly! I remember this series everytime I'm looking to buy something from auction.
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    Gold rush rules problematics (Arkadia)

    Maybe they launched this event to give Calypso caves a break.
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    Revamp Dead Blueprint!

    I think useless BPs should be removed, what's the point of looting them if you can't craft them? And without them we'd have a slightly better chance at looting useful BPs.
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    Help: Any low comp with better dpp&higher eff then TT pistol +z'amp?

    You can also try the maze hammer with melee amp1, I remember this combo to have a good efficiency without any overamping. I sold my amp long ago so I couldn't tell you exactly, what I remember is the efficiency being really good, but the hammer is too slow and too weak even amped, it's not...
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    Suggestion: Clean the game from Alts.

    You have a good point, but you're missing the larger picture. Aside from getting extra auction slots for free, having alts allows you to exploit loot mechanics, including lootwaves, which means while you will get 1 rare drop per week doing one thing, a family of 12 will get 12 rare drops doing...
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    Suggestion: Clean the game from Alts.

    Yeah alts are a real issue and it's dissapointing to see them strive, including here on the forum. I just don't see how MA can solve this. How can they know if someone has a real family member playing the game, or someone just submitted their relative's ID and is in control of two or more...
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    Game Keeps Crashing (Resolved)

    So I went to Toulan today and some people were saying they got the same problem. As it turned out it's because of the jelly baby texture bp, if it's in your storage or in a book, your game will crash once you open it.
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    auction improvement: pm seller

    Agreed. I just remembered that when I decided to sell my laser amp and put it on auction, I received several PMs asking me to sell it for a lowball reselling price. That was annoying. The amp eventually sold for BO.
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    Manufacture Methodology!

    Gratz man! I've been crafting a lot for years and am only at 36 mechanical engineer, progress is painfully slow, but once you get the unlock it's worth the pain because it's one hell of an achievement.
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    What Floats your Musical Boat, At this Very Second :)

    When the word follow is taken quite literally.
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    Help: No respons from Support Dev.

    inkumario, seriously, how old are you, 12?
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    Help: No respons from Support Dev.

    Well tell us your avatar name at least and a little bit about your activities ingame. Being secretive isn't going to help your cause.