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    Arkadia - First Impressions

    not been very proactive in EU for soem time now but love too read up on other peoples views. and i love how you some it up at the end its been a great ride and with being part of that history I hope that new people find somthing thats keeps them here.
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    Just came back - not impressed.

    i thought you would have complained more. if 4 things are the only things to you then MA have not done bad. for Me personaly I was looking forward to the avatar make over which has never happened. Pets are not back, tattoo are still not here. screwed over sweating system. forever adding more...
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    State of the beauty market?

    have to agree so much for the improvements. remaking avatar in middle of the night is no fun. cancel and try agian when its sunny. they kepe making thinsg worse in the damm game no drive to bring people into it.
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    Info: Wish List - Give us back the afro hair for male avatars.

    sooth soothsayer carey they should do more then bring this in game but to update the dam beauty system and give us more rather than screwing us over agin agian GRRRRR!
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    If you don't like criticism DONT READ THIS! Regarding latest patch.

    can I have a quad bike or a tron bike please as these 2 vehicles will also fit EU as do the tanks a new helli. look forward too more threads like this.
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    beacon where are you? come on beacons stop hiding i only want to use to get to your mother ship and kill all the robots ha ha haa!!! Selling T-shirts "bring back the beacon"
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    Wall of text : A functioning Calypso

    all crafted should have 100% outcome but as in life all products are not 100% perfect there for durability will @ different % low to high. Crafting is teh bas eof a lot of games with outr crafter nothing new will appear on the market. Crafting need to made more friendlier. MA will not lose...
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    Epic Fail Glitch

    this is crazy, why should you get damage when taking off. if you hit the side of a cliff then fair enough but off slopes madnes i would complain to Ma support, When the whole of EU community complained about and issues MAhave to listen .
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    HI, Been busy in RL, Keep thinking of getting back into EU. I have tried getting my clan to...

    HI, Been busy in RL, Keep thinking of getting back into EU. I have tried getting my clan to try EU but none of them will. Will have to login tonight once kids in bed. will br round 9ish
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    Michael Jackson Video Game Announced - New York Times (blog)

    as much as this really does not fit the old PE and most of probally think MA have lost there way, MA have setup new planet system to help encourage more peds into the game as much as most of these new planet wont fit in.
  11. soothsayer Discussion Thread

    just hope this does not mess up the community that has been created on EF. Fingers crossed for the move over to the new and all the feautres get installed with in 2yrs :P
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    How to dust your pc

    its all lies i tell you, he just want to show off his uber pc. Which is very nice by the way, full custom build?
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    mmorpg's review - Entropia not in it .../

    the game needs to become more friendly in the pocket for people to play. need more materials that are useful to society and not just TT food. if it was cheaper to play more people would do play and would also play for longer. as much as none of us would complain if or when we get a ATH, but...
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    GenX000's The Sweat Price Is Right!

    I guess round 52950 sweathave funn..
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    Entropia is NOTHING without friends

    Lans and meeting up with online friends is an amazing event to attend. I meet up with my online friends at a 2000 people Lan party called i-series about twice a year. about10 of us meet up a friday to monday event plenty of beer and game playing you cant go wrong.