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    First Book Published

    Thanks narfi! I must say, you're as quick as ever on responses. :D
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    First Book Published

    I know I haven't been active here that much lately. Been busy with life. :) But I have been busy working on writing when I have time and have finally finished my first book. For those that read my stuff before, this book is not about my avatar, Sorven. This is a novelette length book that...
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    Seeking a Mentor - USA time

    Willing Mentor I would be willing to be your mentor. I live in Mountain time and play typically between 7:30-11pm my time which would be 6:30-10pm your time. I have quite a bit of experience mining, quite a bit less hunting but I should still be able to answer questions. I have not *yet*...
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    Question: Latest VU and finder/amp

    By my best guess the new disarming feature is probably to prevent users from utilizing a bug that allowed a (L) item to be used like an UL one that never ran out of TT. Kind of an odd way around the bug IMO, hopefully it isn't the final solution to the problem.
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    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted! And as you take to the skies you realize you have no control and promptly slam into the 30 story building in front of you. I wish I and everyone else could escape the negative effects of this wish going wrong.
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    Jess finaly gets hers!

    Wow! Really nice loot there. Congrats! :)
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    EU Through Different Eyes

    An Ending Well, today I finally felt inspired enough to write the post I have been working towards in the story. It is up for all to read and I do so hope y'all will enjoy it. I also want to assure those that love reading my blog that this isn't the end of my writing, but rather a finish to a...
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    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    Not that I don't wish it were two... but this is a single global counted twice...
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    Return of the GOLDEN AGE

    !Register Sorven Shrang Shadowsoul
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    Durulium, Niksarium, Typo-Steam, Garcen and more gone?

    At least 2 not gone... I was mining planet side yesterday and here's some confirmation that at least garcen and typo are not gone... As for the other two, I'm finding very small amounts, but I'm not mining in areas where I normally find a lot of it, so that's probably why (at least for me)...
  11. TypoGarcTracker


    Typo and Garc HoFs from 4/29/12 as seen in tracker
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    EU Through Different Eyes

    A little bump... I feel like I should find a way to get my blog to more people, but I got to do a lot more research on what I am able to do in-game. :)
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    Info: Calypso Land Deed ROI tracker

    Payouts are in the PED Flow Center, you need to right click in game and go to the PED Flow Center. From there you can see what you've made and transfer it to your character.
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    EU Through Different Eyes

    Fixed, just for you. :)
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    EU Through Different Eyes

    Inspiration Okay, so I was inspired, I started posting my assets after playing the last couple days and so I've made 7 posts now in 3 days... 3 days of story, 2 days of playing and one news post explaining what I am planning. Happy reading. :) Oh, and I have another story post that I just have...