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  • Hello,

    Good day! :)

    I'd like to invite you to checkout my shop. I just opened an ORE & ENMATTER HAVEN shop @ Medusa Teleporter 4th Floor Shop 5 just a few steps from televator. It would be nice if you have free time to visit. So far i have the following list of
    ORES/ENMATS/Mats in my store.
    Solis Paste-Dianthus-Putty Energized Crystal Cell-Binary Energy-Oil-Henren..

    Other materials you may need..
    Vixen Android Gear
    Robot Heat Sinks
    Robot Safety System
    Focus Lens Component
    Adaptive Fire Rate Component
    Output Amplifier Component

    Thank you and i hope to see you there! :))

    Best of luck!

    -Sophia Angel Heart-
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