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    ok peeps :) lets hear it :)

    meh pick up lines suck im a guy and have never used em, all i do is just do what i do best..... the firlfriedn that im with now sa wme when playing rugby, came over and asked me for my m8's numba n mine.she acted like she was interested in ma mate but didnt txt him once XD. another time...
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    BP Art is done for

    hhmmmm for some reason i can still drop bp's that have a tt value of 0.01 im just wondering have any of you guys actualy tried to drop bp's or are u just listening to MA on what they say has been changed Regards, Spamboy
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    Minning in Vu 7.6

    aye MA screwed up again. the depth indicator or on detectonators can be informative if used in the right way. for example : lets say that each mineral had a depth range :- lyst 37.3 - 45.9 metres rugaritz 97.5 - 117.4 metres now if you badly needed lyst then the dectectonator with the 50...
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    space mining

    eheheheh so i gather that from peoples experiences you defo cant mine in space but if u find somewhere that you can drop a bomb you wont find anything cheers for the info everyone Regards, Spamboy
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    What has made you feel sad this week?

    whats mad eme sad this week.....hmmmm well going back to school isnt sad but the fact that i have gotten a lil bit weaker then when i left because i havnt been doing weights as much as i should over summer....thats made me sad :( Regards, Spamboy
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    space mining

    im just wondering has any space goers tried mining up there? thanks in advance Regards, Spamboy
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    how old is everyone really that plays PE??

    15 but 16 tomrrow WAHOO :D :birthday: Regards, Spamboy
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    was this staged?

    n o icnat co levae me alone :wise: Regards, Spamboy
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    Aurli after Aurli

    come again dude? are you saying you cant go to space? Regards, Spamboy
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    was this staged?

    okay its no tfake :) he wa skilled and looted but the cash wa speds form the loot pool :) so he didnt lose much thanks ht elord Regards, Spamboy
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    was this staged?

    eric my good buddy but he does pvp3 a lot but what kind of dumbass (which he is not) will get 900 peds and stick around to get killed ..... ill ask him about this when i see him Regards, Spamboy
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    Your name backwards

    yobmaps gotta love that one :) Regards, Spamboy
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    Disapointment of day

    well they could start again grand master newbie grand master inept grand master etc etc etc ;) so the comunity will be split more :) , noobs, mediocre,noob ubers, mediocre ubers, ubers ;) regards, Spamboy
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    Mystery Island - LG Area 10

    any idea of the health ranges of these mermoths? thanks in advance Regards, Spamboy
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    New happening/event or ......

    2 words ;) treasure hunt ;) or the foreign object is going to be eaten by a hard mob ....... or it will hit the continent with such force that it goes deep under ground and is a quest for miners ;) my 2 pecs Regards, Spamboy