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    WOF 2012 team Australia

    Blade sparks Nichols Silly underground family
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    PERMANENT Calypso Land Area Deeds PRICECHECK

    looks like time for a price update . maybe 1200. soon that will be a cheap price i reckon
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    BIG Industries Reward Program

    Not trying to go off topic but looks lie big industries the best event organizers ever. Time to start hunting.
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    Unacceptable modification from MA

    what the hell give me back my right click no shoot thing. i cant aim and sick of wasting ammo
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    Vehicle fuel - How to become a fuel mogol!

    I would pay ped for a fuel to make my vehicles go faster. Having car boat and jet would just be annoying.
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    Sweat and vehicles

    i would pay for premium fuel, good idea.
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    Congratulations Normandie Radio!

    wife is now gyrating and dancing to normandie radio. " not bad music" her words. she doesn't like entropia
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    Tracker doesn't record Credits anymore ...

    i only started to use entropia tracker 2 days ago. all gift credits seem to disappear from software and the balance on my account in entropia tracker website is still zero.
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    Guns set on keys or hud to be holstered at body / clothes

    i imagine it more like rambo with bullet belt and guns on back.
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    Selling: La 43

    Hi I'm interested serious buyer. I need more information about the land. You take payment with land deeds or ped only ?
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    Silly underground family

    Hello soc I'm calling the attention of our soc to the recent land grab of LA 9 and invite all to defend it next week.also please try to contact our leader to set tax and spawn mobs for free at the LA marker. Add me in game also blade sparks Nichols . I look forward to hearing from you all. And...
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    Buying: Calypso land deeds 1110 ped

    hi add blade sparks nichols and ill buy your deeds at 1110 ped each.
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    I need help to figurate out about the entropia population growing

    Yeah better cater for on other planets. Calypso needs better start stuff. (land deed holder)
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    Question: Will we have some HIGH level space content soon? :)

    i only have quad but would like to be in a big space battle pvp or vs robot mob. cant wait for space events.