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    Claim in tree
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    Buying: Ares Head <-----------

    I got some Hey man, I got some Ares, not sure how much of it, but I find it regularly, and will be happy to take 110% for it. Where can I usually find u ingame?
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    HoF: Fef Outcast

    Nice find! Nice find! Our team hunted feffs today, found 2 consecutive bunnies...wanna trade, I'll gladly give you our 2 bunnies for your find ;):D Anyway grats again!! Happy easter to all!
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    wildemonds academy GGRRR!!

    I too was in the team I wanted to say again that I'm sorry you did not get a globel, and that you had run out of money. The matter remains that we were just getting ready and suiting up, just standing around as a team just before the hunt when you came running in with 10% health left spamming...
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    Grats, now eat up! Haha betcha thats gonna be the fastest bowl of cornflakes u ever ate ;) Grats and c ya around!:yay:
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    my first tower

    Grats man! Saw ur find earlier while i was mining, looking for more nexus :p little jealous but i did ok myself! Awesome find and congrats again!!
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    FYI: UL enmatamp 103 found by Karvjiash Karv Moshdarij

    Zib, I'll buy it offa you for 2000 right now :) :D
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    Allophyl Double Up!!

    Globel2! Globel #2 :) :yay:
  9. Allo


    Allo globel #2
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    A Monthly Mining Event: Z-Games Woohoo! Am i contending for highest single claim? Either way, sign me up!!!:yay:
  11. Plentifull!


    Sign me up for the game!
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    Allophyl Double Up!!

    Globel #1 this month for me! Click to enlarge Thats one, now lets get some more!:yay:
  13. Globel1


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    Buying: BUYING: ARMOR PLATE Mark.1 BP, any kind.

    Looking to buy either Armor Plate Mark 1A, 1B or 1C. Price negotiable! PM me if you have any, or know anyone looking to sell one. Finders fee of 5 PED if tip leads to sale!:wtg:
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    Selling: SELLING 2k Angelic 118%

    :) Anyone? Any takers? :scratch2: